Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday (a diff one)

*pay for the ticket
card to Ma
card to RN
*call Sruly to say hi
envelope to Eliyaho
start perek ches of tanya
call e kad
*make a cake
call savta
*tell shmais im engaged
ticket to italy
*go to bed before 11.00
shabbos, oslo
*book ticket to leeds
*fundraise for Chabad of Leeds on campus
develop pic for Uzi
*cut the shawarma for lag baomer
outfit for wedding
*make play for CS
*tell chaya to send envelope for Sona
*make mimmi a cd
*change plasters (ed-lolllllll)
call R' Deren
*20,000 miles for Milan
write AA thank you
*dont snooze
gather stuff for Brussels
*do a mitzvah
call AA for refund
*call Kivi and Tuki
call laya
*say mazel tov to ma for her bday
post office (Brussels and Eliyaho)
call sas (receipts)
make chassidus lesson
write to vered


Fajita said...

im unstarred. my card is UNstarred. non-suivi

i got a card:') (last bit is cuz im a positive, half-full kinda girl.)

the sabra said...

unstarred-my list
starred-my friend adding her chochmas to my list


Chaya Y. said...

lol u made me laugh oh thease were the days... cant we go back???

the sabra said...

i still have to write to vered. i just found the letter from her. heehee.