Thursday, October 18, 2007

ignorance (vs?) ignoring

"Oh ma'am, please do not feel slighted. It was simply a matter of ignorance on the part of the child."

ignorance...ignorance...hmmm.. ignorance. ignore...ignore....ignorance....hmmm...

a matter of ignoring?

is ignorance when you ignore something?
so ignorance is not an excuse?

ah but one is intentional and one is not.
right? right?



Scraps said...

I think that it's different--one is unintentional, and the other is willful.

the sabra said...

sometimes ppl intentionally ignore something and then claim ignorance.

rishi said...

how can you be ignoring something if you are ignorant of it, especially if ignoring is intentional?

the sabra said...

ben-"it's terrible what's happening in darfur---"
mark-"o cmon! lets not talk about that. so whadaya like better? mint choc chip or mocha?


mark-"what!?? i had NO idea that such atrocities were being committed there!"

~ ~ ~ ~

intentionally ignoring something and then claiming ignorance.

rishi said...

heehe... thats horrible

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's unintentional ignoring.

the sabra said...

and sometimes it's not

the sabra said...

and please don't comment anonymously. i mean really now, there are so few ppl here, handpicked practically, it's just insulting yo.
(err i dunno 'insulting' but somethin like that)

the sabra said...

on second that, scratch that. l'gamrei. its completely the opposite. cuz there are so few ppl here, so it doesn't bother me its anonymous, cuz hey ur not THAT anonymous after all.
k i feel better that i clarified. i can cancel that therapist.