Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Vote for Chabad of Peoria

Chabad of Peoria is Finalist in RK Dixon's $30,000 Makeover

"Thanks to you and your readers, Chabad of Peoria made it to the Top Five! Now we need your help more than ever!"
--Rabbi Eli Langsam, Chabad of Peoria, in an email to Lubavitch.com

Following our stories on Lubavitch.com regarding RK Dixon's Make My Non-Profit Run Better $30, 000.00 Makeover, Chabad of Peoria made it in the first round of RK Dixon's $30,000 makeover.

Now they are one of five finalists competing for the prize.

Chabad of Peoria needs your vote to ensure they will win. Vote once a day for the next week, beginning today, September 17, for Chabad of Peoria.

You may vote once each day from the same computer, several times a day from different computers if you like.

Chabad of Peoria and Lubavitch.com thank you for your participation.


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