Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Then, flying back to Europe, it came to him. The reason for his fear...And if it was so easy for them, it would be equally easy for others. If they could kill with such little trouble, they could be killed with just as little. If they could buy information about the mechablim, why should the mechablim, who had at least as much money at their disposal-and fewer scruples-not find out about them? Both sides had to leave traces in order to do their jobs. Both sides had to make contacts with certain people, one or other of whom might turn out to be an informer. And one informer would be enough. Avner's team could see a gun pointed at them on a street corner at any time: Avner's team could switch off the light at night and have their beds launched into the ceiling by an explosion."


the sabra said...

the bold is mine

es said...

Dammit that is fearsome. Didja know that fearsome is a word? It is.