Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Huh? What's a "seizure"?

Is it the same as "stillborn"?
And what's "cancer"?
And "anorexia"?
What's "autism"?
What's "Downs"?
What's "CP", "MS" and "LD"?
What's a "brain stroke"?
Is there a difference between "dialysis" and "chemo"?
Is "typhus" a real thing?
What does "drugs" mean? And "slashing"? And "blood clot"?
What's the purpose of a "wheelchair", a "walker", a "brace"?
"Rejection", "failure", "loneliness" and "despair"--they're all the same feeling?
What's an "ICU"?
And last thing, just remind me please-what's a "seizure"?

the days of moshiach


farkvetched?! said...

Yours is better. Amen.

Scraps said...

They're all nisyonos, when it comes down to it...that's the one thing they have in common...

Mum said...

Mayn Tayer Keend,
A seizure, stillborn, cancer....CP, MS...etc... those, my dear, is what we now call,
"Heilik", "Light", "Warmth", "Get-lich'keit","Revelations", "Chesed", "Goodies"...

I don't remember though what
"chocolate" was.