Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Y, Thanx a sabrillion for--
1. Helping me deliver/make sure that my package got there safely!
2. Getting out of bed to do it!!
3. Not ringing the bell when it was past midnight, however tempting that might have been ;)
4. Not eating the tuna, however tempting that might have been :D
5. Being so easygoing about it.
6. Any other detail that I am forgetting to mention.

May Gd bless you and bless you and bless you and bless you, ad bli dai! (and do you know that ur lips will never tire from saying "dai", cuz u don't use ur lips when you say it)

*oooh i'm cackling in wicked delight...this is gonna be fuuuuun*


E said...

No thank you for the one that got up early in the morning to bring it in? And I didnt eat any of the tuna either...

jof of the jungle said...

this is completely irrelevant to ur blog...

um, yeah, i am not in a ryming mood and my last attempt was horrific.

so hello

my resolution to use the net less seems to have failed judging by that odd achey feeling in my eyes.

and the hebron link war sehr interessant.

and since i claimed to have befriended i felt i should add ur blod to my list of things to check.

merry net stalking.

the sabra said...

30 30.

jungle of the jof,
i shan't respond to ur comment for fear of suement due to old achey feelings in your eyes caused by the prickly poet.
nope nope nope, i won't give into terrorism.


p.s. hello. nice of u to visit. very flattered and very excited and already planning the goodbye party for when u get scared off.

Fajita said...

wha??! someone actually DID it for you?
and wha??! I don't get a thank you for the ideaer?

the sabra said...

oy oy oy. all these ppl that want thank yous without even doing any of the work. sheesh.

and in the meantime, the REAL credit-deservers sit back modestly and don't even brag about their hugongous mitzvah.

sheesh sheesh sheesh

(and yes fajit, when theres a will theres a way. no i did not involve empire cafe--is that what its called?--even though i attempted to)

the sabra said...

o how dumb. the plan didn't work. the two 'y's didn't even fight it out. o well. may as well go plant a garden or summtin.

the sabra said...

oy im funny :D