Thursday, September 20, 2007

טל קרמן

i think we coulda been friends

two days before she was killed, she wrote the following in her diary (translated from hebrew):

"Actually nothing exciting happened to me lately,
But I reached the conclusion not to take anything for granted.
This is the problem of many people.
Their are lot’s of small things that can make you very happy.
Last Saturday was a marvelous morning.
Actually I do not remember not a nice Saturday.
Yesterday I received a new tooth brush,
A very miner event, but it made me happy.
A Friend of mine thought I was crazy.
Actually not, as I have already said, I don’t think
That rejoicing of life means being crazy"

i REALLY think we coulda been friends

(Assaf Tzur was another rider of the #37 bus in Haifa on that fateful 5th of March, 2003)


the sabra said...

-wait for (the words of) the song to be sung
-there's a link to the english site available

chanie said...

come to think of it, we would have been friends too. if we had met.