Tuesday, September 25, 2007

13 Tishrei--Yahrtzeit of the Maharash

Rabbi Shmuel of Lubavitch, known as “The Rebbe Maharash”, the fourth in the golden chain of rebbes of Lubavitch, had an attitude.

Many wise people say if you can’t go under, go over. The Rebbe Maharash said, "Just go over"

Meaning that instead of first trying to work through a problem by its own rules, and then -if that doesn't work -gathering the strength and courage to step brazenly over it...

Instead, just start by stepping right over it, as though there were no obstacle to begin with.

After all, that’s why obstacles are there in the first place -so you will go higher.

(from chabad.org)


Raizel and Esther said...

Topic rhymes with philanthropic. And miopic, microscopic, hot pick and theraputic (kinda to name a few. Just thought you would like to know.

the sabra said...

ya so stay on TOPIC. what does this have to do w/ the maharash or his motto??

and second of all, i never said that nuttin rhymes with it. i only said that '0' or '1' or whichever number, does not rhyme with it.


p.s. cut the romance!

bored ot being from the jungle but to unimaginative to get a new name. hmm, jof of the jeansuits? said...

again this has nothing to do with the maharash or his motto. but if i get scared and run away and you throw a party can you wait until i get up the courage to come back so i can enjoy the party to?

and at the reform shul we used to grow up in we used to sing a song,

'rocka my soul in the bosom of abraham'

so high you can't get over it
so low you can't get under it,
so wide you can't get roundit
oh rocka my soul'

still not relevant but approaching it :)

the sabra said...

goodbye party=BEFORE you run away
thank gd ur gone party=AFTER you run away

(hmm and i guess my blog=MAKES you run away)