Tuesday, August 21, 2007

smellin' in arad (not the israel one)

(but the romanian one)

On the train ride here (from Venice), I sat near two Israeli teenagers. We spoke a bit about Chabad, Nefesh Elokis, Rabbi Akiva...

Daniel, 18 yr old Israeli, says "This is the longest conversation I've ever had about Judaism. The longest time I even sat and LISTENED to someone speak about it".

We had been speakin for not more than an hour probably. Oy.

(tonight is tuesday night--that means bed AND shower! yayyy. so far i haven't done more than three days at a time bli miklachat. and im not plannin on tryin it either)


Scraps said...

Wow. It's really sad that that's the longest conversation he's ever had about Judaism before...but maybe now he'll be more willing to listen next time someone wants to talk about it?

shprintz said...

ur shlichus is showing!! good for u.