Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Please say tehillim-

Ruchoma Aliza Sara Chana Bas Esther Liba
She is a 4 year old girl that was missing for 20 minutes and found at the bottom of a pool.
She has been moved to a hospital and is on a respirator as she can not yet breathe on her own! YOUR tehillim is still necessary!!! Please pass onto as many people as you can as her condition is still critical!


I got this email today. Please don't forward, but rather copy and paste so that it may actually be read. Unfortunately, we are much quicker to forward funny emails rather than one's for people in need of a refuah shleimah. I'm not asking that you forward this to a million people but please do forward it to a few. It takes an extra minute but can really make a difference.
Remember this is somebody's sister and friend.

I've been checking my inbox pretty constantly, but I haven't gotten an email about this yet. Maybe no one's written one. Maybe someone has but it just hasn't reached me. Either way, every minute counts, so I feel a responsability to write. Emails are pretty heartless - they're typed on computer screens. If this were written on paper, though, it would most probably be illegible from being dripped with tears. My friend died on Friday morning. She was in a horrible car crash where the car she was in skidded off the highway, hit a pole, and flipped over. She and another girl were thrown from the car. She died right away. Her name was - is - was Toby Eagle, from Baltimore. 20 years old. Young.

We were roommates in Chicago. I should tell you all about what a wonderful, incredible person she was, how full of life and joy, but at the moment I just really can't do it. It's hard to write in past tense about someone so special to so many people. I'm writing about the other girl who was injured. She's in extremely critical condition, I think internal bleeding in the brain. She's only 15 years old, and while Hashem already took Toby back to Him, we can still fight to keep the other girl here in this world.

Her name is Meital Habousha, from Crown Heights. They've changed her name to Orah Meital bas Bella. Please daven for her. Say some tehillim.
Give a few coins to tzedaka.
Pass the email along.
For her, it's not too late.
We should only hear good news.


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the sabra said...

...and I'm still sayin tehillim for baby Aliza.

mishug mishug

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