Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bari, Italy (mercoledi 8 agosto 2007)

its cute to visualizza my blog in italian

ahlan. (excuse the arabic, i met an egyptian just before who i befriended solely in order to cut his place in line. it worked. thats basically how we livin these days--gettin hold of friends in high place (or those w/ cars, money, strong muscles to pick up suitcases for us and of course, a good spot in line...). so that was in the building for tickets for the ship to greece. yup, urs truly (and her smelly tunaloaded escort--no names (ok fine, ita) are the proud and poor owners of a ticket (each!) to patras. beat that. or dont. its all about winning. (about US winning)

talk about winning, we got free motorcyle rides around the police station before. ok so our hands were handcuffed and we were blindfolded but yo! free motorcyle rides!

talk about hands, i finally got myself a fanny pack and i can use both my hands nowwww. its sucha great feeling. i keep admiring myself in windows, i feel like a pregnant woman strokin my belly kacha. ita says to always carry heavy things so u appreciate the light things after. i disagree. kinda like our disagreement about the wisdom of spendin three bucks on a teeny bunch of grapes so u can appreciate the 1.16 the next time.

so yesterday our train from nice to milano arrived 16 minutes late and we missed our connecting train to bari. so we hopped onto a beautiful Eurostar heading to Napoli and made ourselves at home in first class. our theory? if ur already breakin the law, you might as well do it all the way.
when the conductor came we just spoke really confidentally (and stuffed the europass book as far down in our sacks as we were able--after all, it says IN ENGLISH, more than once that those travelin on the eurostar gotta pay more moola. but more moola and us are as terrible a match as our roommates at the Durante and us were. (ita got pics. i forbid her to post em anywhere.)

ahh. i just gotta pause for a second, breathe in and out deeply and smile. a contented one. my stomach is full and my stash of food is also. the beauty of buyin fruit and leavin ur melba toasts for emergencies. (derech agav, torna a elenco di post). o so we both learned a bit of italian on the train ride here. it was great. as we were talking, we charmed some ppl outta their seats and had somewhere to sit. uh for the last five minutes. but still! see we got to bologna (no trains from napoli/naples to bari then) hung out there, then seated ourselves on the train goin to bari. problem is that our reservations were for another train. so we didnt quite have seats. there WERE some friendly offers (/shleps) in some compartments but we wisely rejected em (see ma, were responsible. hey, stop laughing!). so we went from car to car and every time we got comfortable, wham s/o comes in ''eh that's my seat. its reserved' (show offs!) anyhow we finally settled ourselves in an innocent compartment (''you amigos?'' ''eh MORE than that'' gulp), i say shema, italiano is fascinato by my chitas and starts lookin thru. i am reminded of the el savador incident....'' what does this say?'' ''ata tipesh v'ata lo maivin klum'' ''oh wow, and what does that mean?'' ''And G-d said to moses 'split the sea!''' LOLLLL i was HOPIN he'd ask me to read it to him. i think ita warned him not to. she had enough from the harry potter reading, i guess.
talk about readin, we met the AWESOMEST girl who is travelin for ONLY 8 months this time, and she lent us her bible (aka lonely planet, europe guide book) and ita sat there for hours, mizkenah, copyin down vital info. except it was all the info we could easily get at the tourism office. but nu nu. at least it kept her busy and out of other peoples luggage (full story another time)
so every time we need help w/ our luggage (approx every 2 hours i'd say) we let out a big sigh and look around helplessly (only if there are shayach ppl in the vicinity) and if no one gets the hint, we start panting and grunting till s/o helps. it always works. well except for the time we accosted two french policemen at the bottom of the stairs and with a huge grin we told em ''merci for taking our stuff for us upstairs'', and eppes they didn't go along with the plan.
kinda like the guy in the old city in Nice (with a lowercase 'n'). we asked him how to get back to our place, he whips out his GPS and after tellin us how far it was we did the whole ''oh boy are we tired'' spiel. didn't work. so then we decided to see how many times we can fit in the word 'drive' in one sentence. some examples include (but are not limited to--even with a EuroPass)--''my brother DRIVES me crazy''. ''o u were in that amusement park? its a ten minute DRIVE from my house in the states''. ''i have this burning DRIVE to see romania'' ''she DRIVES me up the wall''. nothing helped. again, ita got pics. im glad we have the same style of shots. maybe ill post some.

wow my eyes are burnin from tiredness. not sure if it was clear, but we traveled an awful lot last night. from compartment to compartment, that is.
nu nu.
not as tired as our first day though. we started off monday morning with one hour of sleep under our belts. (which reminds me of my pouch!! i love ittttttt BH!) that probably explains why we are laughing and giggling and chuckling and roaring (not the lion kind) most of the time. its good. better that than crying when u see ur train pullin out as u are pullin in. or when u find out that ur ship only leaves at 12:30 on sundays. (its wednesday today)

so ya, that's that. now i gotta see what i can do about uploadin pics/emptyin my camera (guess where my camera is right now? yup u guessed it! my fanny pack!)

many smooches from junie b jones, from the italianos in the alleyways and l'mafreah (thanks again for that btw. and yes im doin good bh. currently, in a revealed way. hope its always that way. for e/o) from the capital city in honduras...or in the near future-when a similar need for a solo room arises :D

moshiach now!


ma said...

I already told you how i cried from laughter...
I feel like i'm there with you...

Scraps said...

You're a funny, funny girl. I'm glad you're having a good time and lots of chavayot in Europe!

Esther said...

I am touring Europe vicariously through the two of you. Don't you worry, they are my memories now too. Like you can totally ask me- remember when we tried to get the policemen to carry our bags upstairs? And I'll be like OH YEAH that was fuuuuunnnyyyyy. Like ma b'fnim but funnier. Gosh I bet you guys are getting so skinny living off of fruits and vegetables... chraizel came back from south america like half her size... Too bad that I can't lose weight through your starving as well... ;).

w said...