Tuesday, July 24, 2007

last year i was in yerushalayim for Tisha B'av
i was in the place where the story had happened
at night i went to kikar safra, heard eicha there
bought a gush flag
bought two actually, and gave one away to a random yeshuvnikette
then by day i went to reizi's kever on har hazeisim
attempted to, at least.

here is my har hazeisim story and here are some pictures
(gosh it feels like last month)

and well this year i am in scandinavia for Tisha B'av
im livin the effects of the story
at night i went to the shul, heard eicha there
brought a chumash
brought two actually, gave one away to a new friend
then by day, i will dance with chana (mother of seven sons) and miriam (the prophetess)
i'll attempt to, at least.


Chaya said...

i remember ur har hazeisim story. wow, was that only a year ago?!?!?
my parents were there for erev and the fast...
who wouldve thunk?

the sabra said...

'thunk' is not a real word