Monday, July 16, 2007

why i made my blog private-

so basically there are a buncha people 'round the world who are reading my blog. im always surprised when i find out someone else that is, but ok, bseder, never bothered me. felt cool, even. but now im finding out about more and more people who are readin my blog and i dunno, i just don't feel comfortable with that anymore. true i have never posted any really private things bout my life but still, i have decided that i don't want random people barging into my soul anymore. random means people i don't know, and even more-people that i do know. i don't want bored bochurim reading my blog. i don't want nosy shluchim reading my blog. i don't want obnoxious people reading my blog. so who did i invite? well pretty much anyone who i like and who bothered to email me askin what happened and if they could be invited in. maybe that will all change in a month. in a week. in an hour. i dunno. but for now, i kinda like the cozy feeling of just us. and yes, 'us' will keep growing perhaps but that's ok. so long as i know who's comin here.

tata for now.

p.s. also, i've meaning to write up my mishugeneh passport story (that's still happening) cuz a bunch of u keep askin me bout whats goin on..and e/o knows a diff part of the story..and some are so far back, they askin me if im outta i wanted to put it on my blog, yknow make it easier than typin it fifty five times...but i didn't really wanna write that for all of the world to now ill be able to :)


the sabra said...

'will' and 'perhaps' just don't go together. its bothering me.

ma said...

Zayer shayn, me also like.
I guess this is a good p'shore, instead of totally closing down.
Very good.

Now we can put let our hair down, so to speak...

Scraps said...

I'm wearing my hair down today and one of my coworkers complimented me on it as I passed her desk. :)

Thanks for letting me in, sabraleh.

Lady-Light said...

Me too. but I cover my hair, so nobody sees it anyway!