Monday, July 09, 2007


he came through my door the other day
i was surprised that he got in
i always shut my door real tight
i guess he got real thin

Vulnerable is my ever foe
and the cleverest one of yet
where Anger, Greed and Poverty fail
Vulnerable wins the bet

see he knows i am the toughest one
living on the block
so fightin me will ensure his loss
its dumb to pick the lock

he waits merely for a chance to glide
right through an open door
left ajar by Sad or by Tired
and then he knows he's got the floor

and with a smile gleaming of knowledge and peace
he softly blocks the way
its only him and i inside
he lets Reason have no say

then guided by his every utter
i stumble in my own home
he leads me to Confused's vast chamber
with strange lights accompanying my roam

Experience and Logic know the routine
and beg to be let in
good ol Hope is tryin the phone
they cannot let Vulnerable win!

but it's Vulnerable now who answers my calls
and announces Hope as "Weak"
Faith is "Fool" and Mentor is "Dumb"
giving none of them a chance to speak

and when Conniving comes to twist my soul
he's draped in glitter and gold
i fling open the door and hug him real tight
for "Kindness is here", i am told

and now all the bad guys can see my door
and how it was me that opened it wide
so this is their chance to come marching in
cuz Vulnerable's waiting inside

so in come Apathy, Illogic and Limp
followed by their dozens of peers
and i welcome each one with a grin and a tea
till suddenly i'm engulfed by Tears

Vulnerable knows how to act durin battle
and gets Fragile to knock Strength to the ground
and i'm gaping in fright, in chagrin and in doubt
while Love doesn't make a sound

but Love has been misrepresented, unfair
both when he showed and when he did not
and ever since Vulnerable entered my door
Simplicity has been made into Plot

and only when i challenge Vulnerable
by starin him straight in the eye
can i successfully shorten his unwelcome visit
the one that turned my Truth into Lie


the sabra said...

something like that

and regards from Malmö Stadsbibliotek (the full story comin soon)

ma said...

very very very good.
boruch hashem.
i guess i need to be careful what words i use now.

the sabra said...
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the sabra said...

o and thanks

thanks for the compliment and for everything.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm in total awe of your talent!! You can rank amongst the greatest poets. Maybe auction it off -whoever will pay you the most gets to print it...
How can one know if it's really vulnerable or the yetzer horah telling you it's vulnerable?

chaya said...

amazing poem..good writing and powerful message. expressed beautifully.
kol hakavod

Scraps said...

Wow. You left me speechless for a moment. You encapsulated so well how the tiniest of slips can turn into a landslide, how the internal war is waged and how everything is turned upside-down and inside-out. You don't know what's real anymore, what or whom to trust. Your own mind turns against itself, and that is the most frightening thing of all.

wires said...

niiiiiiiiice and very well written

Anonymous said...

wires: that's putting it mildly.
very very mildly.

wires said...

אנונימוס i agree a thousand times over

Nemo said...

Did you really write this?

{It was quit talented}

m00kie said...

the sabra is brilliantly talented, wheres the sooprise

Esther said...

Chavale you are a little (big?) genius :). I feel so far away from you when you are computerless so I am happy to be reading this little glimpse inside your mind. I do find it funny though that Vulnerable is the bad guy- vulnerability can be helpful and even crucial at times, dontcha think?

the sabra said...

anonymous, 11:33pm-
i don't understand your question. (nor do i understand why i am addressing s/o who aint comin back here too fast..unless its one of u that went anonymous...and anyhow now that its not open for every shmendrick out there, so now i don't mind convos and discussions--whereas before the 'al tishali oti' rule was pretty much always in effect).anyhow, ya, whats that with yh tellin u vs u really bein vulni?

exactly. cuz once ur mind gets farklumpted, so then its nearly impossible to do anything right. fight, that i can do. but only if there is a fight.

no, i got it from a really famous poet but figured that if i didn't write in the author's name, i can get away with it being my own.

enter Snort.

o but thanks. and to e/o else out there, as well, who bestowed such beautiful words of compliment upon me.

i dont think its vulnerability that you're talking about. yes, u gotta let go sometimes but it's diff. and also, when ur in control. not when it comes in and traps you.

Lady-Light said...

לצברית, שלום וברכה!
אמרת לי פעם שהמחשב שלך לא קורא עברית, אז אהפוך לאנגלית. . .
Thank you for allowing me to read your new, private blog. Firstly, it is beautiful! Yellow becomes you, even though I've never met you: sunny, flowery,and summery (the old one was dark and sad.)
Secondly, I was floored by your poem (is it original? You said something in your comments that you modeled it on another poem--maybe I read it wrong, I'm tired and making lots of spelling mistakes now (it's sha'ot menuchah, I should take a nap.)
I used to teach my elementary school kids a little bit about writing poetry, a long, long time ago...I could give you a few pointers to hone it a bit; but it really struck a chord, so much so that I decided to comment on this first, before returning to your latest post-you have talent!
Ok, ok--I know I talk,er-blog too much. So I'll stop now. Keep blogging, Sabra. And again, thanks!

the sabra said...

nah, u not talkin too much. i love to hear from you all. f'real f'real!

k so first of all, i CAN read hebrew on my computer. im glad u like my colors. they change quite quickly so enjoy em while they last :)

secondly, ye i wrote it myself. (i was bein sarcastic before. get to know me :p). re the pointers, i would love to hear from you. just keep in mind that i never write professionally, i write how i wanna express myself at the moment. so that means that if i want to stick in three extra syllables, i will :)

lastly, re the blog invite-ur welks! my pleasure!