Monday, July 16, 2007

My Story With The UK (Part I)

Monday, July 2 (Tammuz 16)
We (Leibel's family and I) board a RyanAir flight to Stansted
(not Heathrow ahem mister) Airport in London, England. We gonna hang out there for two days (until our shipment arrives) and then we go to Leeds. They told me to pack an extra set of clothing just in case our stuff comes a day late. Fine. So I have my little carry-on with stuff for three days (4 pairs of shoes mind you. don't ask how that happened!) plus a few extra stuff that I had just washed and hadn't been dry when the shipment had left. (u will soon see why that is incredibly important)
K so big hassle gettin on the plane, trying to sit together etc (ma, remember the text i sent you? hehe), me making it VERY clear that I'm only a FRIEND of the family vs one of THEM hehe (and that is precisely when about 3 kids come runnin over and topple me over with hugs and smooches).
(ita i stuck in 'smooches' for you but u don't even read this. ha. one of ur roomies could pass on the message)
k i guess i gotta skip the irrelevant details if I wanna finish this before Rosh Hashona (yes, the fact that it was RyanAir is completely irrelevant).
Ok so we land in England. Yippee!
(sorry Son, I really was excited!!) See, after spendin a bit o time with Leibel, I was to go to Chana'le, and then travel to France to visit Chaya, then meet two other friends in Italy and start our EuroTrip, heading eastward towards Hungary, Poland etcetera (sorry Chani, I know u can't stand that typical kind of eurotrip :) I had my summer planned and packed!
K so they go to the European Passport line, I head towards the 'Other Nationalities'. (sheesh im FOREVER 'other'! ok ok...)
I start filling out my landing card. I don't know the address in London. Bseder, it happens. I try lookin for Leibel's family but eppes it's a bit difficult. Eppes they're a bit not so tall. K whatever, when I get to the counter and if they make an issue, I'll find them then.
I get to the counter, they make an issue, and I didn't find them.
And neither, apparently, could they find Leibel. Ye, they come up to me askin if I know where he is. Great HP, I quickly ask the address. The Passport Man says its not a prob that I didn't know it, just fascinating that so many ppl come and don't know the address of where they are stayin. I tell him that I'm so grateful that he's being so nice cuz sometimes airport people can be scary. He is surprised. "My mother wouldn't like that, if I was scary". "You're a good boy, don't worry", I reassure the 45 year old official. He wants to know my relationship with Leibel and his fam. I say I help out the fam. I travel a lot, they let me stay by them. Do they pay me? No, just my daily expenses. Passport Man is a bit suspicious now. He tells me to sit down on the row of chairs behind. All the people on line are looking at me. I'm not looking back. So he goes to the back, to his superiors, ich vais, and then returns. He calls me over and he starts askin me 49 thousand questions. He asks to see how much cash I have. He asks me more questions.Tells R' D. that I need to be questioned more at length, and they shouldn't bother waiting for me cuz it can take a coupla hours. "I'll take your luggage home then", says R' D. "Oh no you won't" says MommaBoy, "leave it right here". Um ok. "Hey can u just give me some food please? The fast is starting tonight, yknow". "Sure, sure". (at some point during the last hour, Leibel was found, lo lid'og.) I later found out that a) he ran around the airport looking for a kosher sandwich or something more filling than pretzels that he could buy for me, and that b)he tried giving me money as well (for a train home, for food, for a phone card...) and they told him "its fine, she has enough money. we counted it" (remember this detail for what's gonna happen on wednesday..about 5pm :) )
So Leibel and his fam go home.
PassportMan leads me to a side hall and tells me to wait with my stuff there until someone will come and collect me.

(to be continued)


the sabra said...

there is SO SO SO much more to write. this is nothing, man. and, as i do too often, i posted w/o rereadin. so i apologize for missin info and mishugeneh sentences. err, the BRITS should apologize for that actually-for not givin me enough info, and for givin me mishugeneh sentences!

like i said, to be continued.... (it does get more interesting, ani mavteecha lachem)

stam stam said...

A) You made it sound like you were gonna hang out at the airport for a few days. and
B) You made it sound like leibel ran away to look for kosher sandwichs...
C) We will be lucky if this parsha is takke over by Rosh Hashana.

me again said...

che che...

the sabra said...

A) so not
B) so not
C) so not. ok fine, maybe. but no one asked you to stay, ya know.

re the laugh-twas in Great Britian that this occurred, not Mother Russia.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it was the KGB disguised as Brits.

Fajita said...

holy mum. and yay, i got a mention:)

the sabra said...

course u did fajit! ur one of the few who are actually in touch w/ me durin this mess. er hp. :)