Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"I'm Wheelchair-Bound, and the Terrorists Can Go Free?!"

I'm still shaking. I can't believe how utterly stupid, blind, cruel, and dangerous this Olmert guy is. Hashem, please protect Your foolish kids (and the rest of Your chosen nation, as well).


ma said...

OYSH !!!

Lady-Light said...

It's enough to make one sick. If it weren't for the nevu'ah that after great trials and tribulations, Moshiach would come, I could get very depressed.
BTW--I can't read "Ma's" comment because the words on on top of each other. And is 'ma' really your mother?

Scraps said...

Hashem yishmor's time for another early election...sick, just plain sick...

Ches Tzadi Aleph said...

"It's time for another early election."
This to me is the crux of the sadness with regard to the sad state of the State of Israel.
...The endless belief that there's still hope.
...The constant hope that there's still belief.
...The ongoing vision wherein a "new guy" comes and makes it all better.

I'm waiting for Moshiach whether Moshiach will come or not. Even if he won't, waiting for a "good" Prime Minister is no more realistic.

the sabra said...

"I'm waiting for Moshiach whether Moshiach will come or not. Even if he won't..."

and THAT makes me sad.
a jew, a chabadnik feeling that? saying that? mah holech poh??

THAT i cannot handle

the sabra said...

ladylight, i agree and ya.

Avi said...
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