Sunday, July 22, 2007

i just wanna be reckless

sometimes i just wanna be reckless,
be irresponsible,
be stupid

sometimes i just wanna go against my better judgment,
and be reckless,

sometimes i just wanna stick my fingers in my ears and wiggle my tongue and make a lot of noise till the annoyingly smart guy in my head cannot be heard,
and act recklessly,

sometimes i just wanna be reckless

but alas, being a chabadnik does not allow for recklessness.
does not allow for irresponsibility.
does not allow for stupidity.

being a chabadnik calls for restraint
for maturity
for wisdom.


im happy to be a chabadnik.

but still, sometimes i just wanna be reckless.


the sabra said...

somebody saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave me!

and mel isn't even here to sing it

cookie said...

sabraleh, you are adorable.
and not only that, you're refreshingly frank.
so there.

stam said...

Chabad likes light cheeryness..

esther said...

chavale darling just saying hi and that i miss you a lot and think about you alllllll the time. and i DO feel special to be one of the priviliged invited.... or was that from your last post? Whatever I think I am the cavity- its glittery gold and actually SAVED you from having a grandma mouth with all your teeth missing, but can get quite annoying to have around ;).