Thursday, July 26, 2007

Frankfurt, Germany

ozzz the mixed up y and z are rather irritating. nu nu.
gd bless the shluchim here.
i ought to write things out properlz but i feel funnz usin their computer for so long.
ha, if onlz tom could see me now
(details another time)
i just ate zum food bh
hehe yum food is funnz. i mean yum isnt, but zum is.
went to jewish museum. everzthing is in german. shkozach.
i understood about 20,000 words though
(a picture speaks a thousand words...)
anne frank was born here, didja know? anzhow the museum for her is onlz open on weekends. found that out when i was two minutes awaz
thanks hashem
keep me safe, za?
um what else? the donkez chain humor comes to mind
went to a police station for the first time in my life.
met someone who is doin couch surfin, thats so awesome and it was hzsterical that we both knew bout it from the holidaz.
if all the shluchim in europe are this nice, ive got nothing to worrz about
no nayis came zet. one guz parked his bike like literallz a centimeter (ma, how much is a centimeter?) from me and gave me toothz smile and started shprachin in some funnz shprach. i was SURE he was gonna kill me. he didnt. five points to whoever figured that out.
u can all still text mz swedish cell so i have SOME contact with outside world
not that i feel so cut off, i mean frankfurt is like HAPPENING
er something like that
over n out for now

(now im going to post veröffentlichen...cookie, u proud of me?)
i wanna make a wink but i cant on this funnz anti semitic kezboard
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH he is plazing israeli radio!! i wanna go to israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Scraps said...

I knew there was something wrong with that keyboard, almost all the "y"s were coming out "z"s. Have fun traveling in Europe!

davkanik said...

u r going to have fun with the french one ; ) iy"h

the sabra said...

u FINALLY commented!!!!