Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Current Itinerary

Tonight at 23:00 I got a bus to Göteborg (ye, i GOT it. its mine)
Arrive 3:05 in the mone (say it Yael/Danish style hehe)
Take a tram at approx 4:35am to Landvetter (omg i can't believe im going BACK there!)
7am flight to Frankfurt am Main (just checked-it's with Lufthansa)
Then, Berlin for Shabbos iyh.
Travel the week (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland...maybe more maybe less...maybe with Avigail, prob not with Shai, f'sure with Elokim...)
France the next Shabbos iyh.
Leave that week.

Yup, "mentch tracht..."

p.s. all you little would-be babysitters/bodyguards/companions/partners are gonna regret ur decision, BIG TIME!


the sabra said...

o and u can all feel free to call my swedish cell, anytime between say 2 and 7am, my time.

prizes will be distributed.

Fajita said...

aaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:) yay finallly. yahooo, see I knew it was a good day:)

ma said...

I called and forgot to claim my prize.Whaaa...

the sabra said...

yes! the two ppl who called!! u guys are awesome!

the sabra said...

o and that comment was just veröffentlichen


the sabra said...

ha I thought I was gonna do that all in one week!

Well, truth is, maybe I coulda..

the sabra said...

...but I'm really glad I didn't :)