Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ahlan, its 6:15am

( night, not early morn)

Before anything, I want you guys to know that less than 20 people have been invited here so if ur readin this, consider urself VERY honored. (heehee)

ok, 1. People are still askin me how Switzerland/Norway/Denmark is.

2. The shluchim here are AMAZING (no one readin this will chap why its funny. tis ok, im readin it and i chap)

3. It's beautiful how much faith Hashem has in me--that I will still hold on strong even after my travel plans have been changed for the 602nd time.

4. I want my travel plans settled.

5. Shai is a cool guy. Too bad I can't go to Norrsken with him. Well, too bad I could cuz now I feel bad I'm not. Well, I'm happy I'm not but yknow...

6. I still get shocked every time people are STILL askin me how Switzerland/Norway/Denmark is.

7. I was by the Kotel last Tisha B'av. Was sittin on the floor in Yerushalayim hearing and reading and thinkin bout the Beis Hamikdosh that was destroyed. Heard a story today bout Napolean-he was ridin past a yeshiva and heard weeping. Intrigued/in an act of sudden benevolence, he went in to investigate. He was told that they were mournin the destruction of their Holy Temple. "Who destroyed it? Where is it?" Napolean shouted*, "I'll go get em!" When he learned that it had been destroyed over a thousand years earlier, he said* "A people who still mourn the destruction of their house of worship more than a thousand years after it has been destroyed, will live to see it rebuilt".
*verbatim, im quotin
** see star 1

8. I'm still traumatized from my UK story. I ought to finish writin it. Finish gettin it out of my system.

9. I ought to head to bed (now that Chani is not here to argue with me ;) ).

10. are the aseret hadibrot. I heard 'echad mi yodea' for the first time today. Well maybe not the FIRST first but yknow, the first..


12. Caring people are like grandmas teeth--few and far in between. Thanks RN for caring.

13. Have some Pirkei Avos thoughts that I must share. Must as in Must Gum.


grandma said...

I read it, at first, the shiduchim here are amazing... (Im like..uh uh...)

Keep getting yourself cool friends...cuz then i get'm...

ahem.. ahem..
oy got a cough...

Chaya said...

ok, so where are you???

Fajita said...

aw mannnn- i dont check for a day and I miss like 2 mentions. Being a grandma's tooth was really just what i needed hun, thank you so much for allowing me to fill such awesome, uh, white, breaky, cracky shoes.
oh, and, the neighbors are complaining. and I need the phone.

the sabra said...

ill turn u into a grandmas tooth, fajit, if you dare bring up such embarrassing moments again!


chaya, u gotta read the whole UK story to find out ;)

grandma, go get some cough drops.
and shai doesn't really appreciate the fact that you yelled at him so ya...go buy urself some tissues while ur at it
AHHHHHHH we got followed by you-know-who!

im feeling ich

the sabra said...

actually ichy

Fajita said...

umm, the neighbors are complaining. and i need the phone.

(make me stoppppp:-p)

the sabra said...

OMGG just now i was sayin that im scared he can still hear me. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Scraps said...

pre-1) I am honored. Thanks, dear. :)
1) Well, if you don't tell us where you are, we don't know where to ask about, so we ask about the last known location.
2) As long as you're smiling... :)
3) Baruch Hashem yom yom.
4) Who doesn't? It's very disconcerting when everything is up in the air.
5) I think I know...
6) You're a funny girl, dear. See #1.
7) I've heard that story before, but I like it every time I hear it.
8) Gee, I dunno, I think getting deported three times is absolutely no big deal! I can't understand why you're not over it already. :-P (Sheesh, girl, cut yourself some slack!)
9) Yes, 6:15 AM is a good time to be in bed if you aren't waking up for the day yet.
10) Those days are great...
11) That's just freaking cool. :-D
12) Hehe...I like the mashal. I try to be one, given the chance...
13) Please do.

the sabra said...

scraps, its really exciting when ppl write back point by point so i wanna thank u for that :)

the sabra said...

Gosh I was silly even way back then. Way before Menachem Alexander Zeev Ber came around..