Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Two Girls

I once met two girls.
I thought the first one was beautiful and the second one, well she wasn't.

Then I really met them.
Met their breath-takers and their dreads. Their compromises and their prides. Their secret acts and their active secrets. Met their non-verbal messages, their aspirations, their views on everything important and non and what was crouching 'neath that 'yes' or 'no'. Met the music of their souls and the beats in their hearts.

And now that I've really met them?
I think the second one is beautiful and the first one, well she isn't.*

(Incidentally, I also visited two houses...)

*not REALLY true cuz I'm not Father but y'know...


Chaya said...

I think you got to know the second one better than the first.

I am a firm believer in my theory that once you get to know someone very well, it is very difficult to dislike said person.

So, if you still don't like her/him, you still have more to learn.

Mt problem is that if I don't want to like someone, I won't bother trying to get to know her. (Ya, I know, it's a bit snobby)

ma said...

alte mayse.

the sabra said...

heehee ma.
"tell me something new...!"

chaya, not always. not not always. 'less u a berditchever or sompin..

tshuker said...

beautiful piece. your'n amazing writer!

Scraps said...

First impressions do not always speak the truth. Once you know someone better, it is easier to see what makes them tick, why they are the way they are, and WHO they really are. And there are some people who, although they do not look beautiful, ARE beautiful, and vice versa.

I agree with tshuker--beautifully put.

the sabra said...

woah thanks.
btw u the baal?
welcome here. (whether u are or not)

the sabra said...

woops, wrote that before i saw ur comment, scraps.
(how utterly fribbish of us ;) )
thanks to u as well. i feel so humbled gosh.
and ye, first impressions..gosh..

Caroline said...

Hahaha! Fribbish!
Forget Blogging and Facebook addictions. i'm a sucker for Status Msgs.

the sabra said...

HEY! how'd YOU know bout that??!

wires said...

Sabra I wonder are you describing 2 sides of the same person?

aliza said...

missed you chav! now i remember why. good one.

Avi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the sabra said...

wires, nope. two diff gals.

aliza, ye it's been a while.

re status messages-ye, frib is my word. from so long ago though. funny to see it back. kinda like u. heehee. uhh not funny.

baal tshuker said...

yes thats me

the sabra said...

if u read this and get insulted-know that it's not quite shayach anymore.