Sunday, June 10, 2007

Torahs & Toes

At the Hachnosas Sefer Torah, I motioned for Zvi to come over to the mechitzah cuz I had to ask him something.
Me-"Hey do you think you can take my camera and take some pictures from the mens side? "
Zvi-"Um I would love to but I'm a terrible photographer."
Me- "It's fine, it's fine. Just get some close ups of all the men that are holding sifrei torah."
Zvi- "Believe me you don't want me taking pictures for you. I'll end up just taking of my toes or something."
Me-"Awesome. I would love of your toes. Now just go take pictures!"

About ten minutes later (an awfully long time for someone to just snap a few shots), Zvi comes back with my camera.

Zvi-"Here you go, here are the pictures that you wanted."
Me-"Ye? All of em? Thanks so much!"
Zvi-"Yup, all the ones you said you are interested in."

And sure enough, he took of what I said I was interested in--





(We all thought it hysterical. Well, nearly all-his sister and my mother both thought it "gross".)


mrs c said...

thanks for the pics- the wanted ones.
do they come with the names?

Esssss___ said...

Yeah thanks for the pics... I'm still waiting for more of the wedding, etc. And I agree with Mom- it is gross. But funny too. ;)

Chaya said...

lol...very funny :D

the sabra said...

hysterical ubber