Friday, June 15, 2007

Times of Label (& Co) #9

So we're sittin in the lunch room and I see that Rochele turned her head to an empty corner of the room and is chanting 'na na na kish kish' while doing the finger motions that go along with it, to a seemingly empty corner of the room.
Sab: "Uh Rochele? Who are you doing that to?"
Rochele: "To the broomstick there in the corner."
Sab: "Why?"
Rochele: "Cuz it can't move." (repeats the nanakishkish routine)
Sab: "Well, we can. Aren't we lucky? And that means that we have to help it whenever it needs us, cuz we are able to and it is not."
Rochele: "Uh huh."
Sab: "Y'know Rochele, we can learn sucha big lesson from this. Aren't there so many people in life that need help cuz they can't do things on their own? So, we should help them--just like we were saying that the broom needs our help to move..."
Rochele: "Hmmmm"
Sab: "Like Leibel."
Rochele: "Yah! Like Leibel! He can't do so much stuff so we have to do it for him!"
Sab: "Exactly! Like I have to zipper his jacket for him and--"
Rochele: "And diaper him!"
Sab: "Yes! Cuz he can't go to the bathroom by himself. And also everyone else helps. Like when you take away the play dough from him when he's eating it-that way he doesn't get sick
(only cuz he can't eat wheat). Or when someone opens the door for him cuz it's too heavy for him to do it himself..."
Rochele: "Yeah. It's true."

I'm beaming with pride.

And yet, the ending woulda been so much nicer had I not seen her turn around a minute later and, thinking I wasn't looking, stick her tongue out and silently wriggle her nose while mouthing 'na na na kish kish' to the broom, again.