Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Klap Kup In Vant

....we do NOT have pillow nor fist fights over Berel
....Mussie wrote her own report card
...im pulling teeth from a hyrax while being mocked (sniff sniff)
...Stupid Report Cards (multilingual)
...um twenty first century and 16 COLOR COMPUTER!!!! (a boosha)
....when we say 'feel at home', we don't REALLY mean it (ahem ahem ahem)
...yitzi reads my blog
....i guess menucha really thinks we dated her brother in zal
....hi (times three)
....chaya annoints chava'le as an aishes chayal
....Bibi Netanyahu would probably like our 1/2 Greek friend from the radio shower store
....a chossid macht a sviva
....oshrat came after aviva left
....remember to look in your siddur
...john knowles, remember him?
....shacharis is supposed to be in the morning
...nearly no voipstunt left (no surprises there)

tachlis--ker a velt

(but what's the point if that's what were doing and nothing's happening?)


Chaya said...

i have no idea what this is about
BUT, i understood most words(after the title)except for "pulling teeh"

Avi said...
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wires said...

"shacharis is supposed to be in the morning"
so what time 'zactly is morning :-)

the sabra said...

cmon chayush, you gotta comment here.

Chaya Y. said...

yeah yeah oy ani zoycheres et ze memories