Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm in Sweden

So, how's Israel?
Israel's awesome, I'm not there though.
Oh, where are you? Crown Heights or home?
Neither, I'm in Sweden.
Oh nice. I've always wanted to go to Switzerland. It's pretty, no?
I think so, but I'm not quite sure considering I'm in Sweden, not Switzerland. Sweden is pretty though, ya.
Ah, I'm sorry. So, how's it like in Denmark? Are you close with the Shluchim?
I love Denmark but I'm not there. I'm in Sweden. Close enough though, don't feel bad.
Sweden, Sweden-that's Oslo, right?
Um Oslo is in Norway. It's also in Scandinavia, so you're not that far off, but I'm in Sweden.
Woah, whatta traveler. You sure do get around...Wait, so where are you again?

*both meanings

P.s. DoGoodJustCuz


Nemo said...

Could you pick something up for me from Ikea?

wires said...

nemo LOL

sooooo sab. (he said in a yenteh tone of voice) how is italy :)

the sabra said...

Nemo-sure, if you send me a check*. Want anything from H&M while I'm at it?

wires-italy? its an achla country. BUT IM IN SWEDEN!!

*or cash.

tshuker said...

Another million reasons why Moshiach must come now

Chaya said...

lol...sounds like my convo with u ;)

wires said...

sab. lol :)

newattitude said...

So are you enjoying the shluchim in Stockholm?

Esther said...

Oh and how about England? and yeah Italy? And what happened to the not-revealing-your-true-location-or-any-other-aspect-of-your-private-life rule?

Scraps said...

Oysh, that's crazy. I want stuff from H&M! :-P

the sabra said...


Caroline said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, SWEEEEEEEEden!
(Patience, Caroline, patience. They all fold in the end. :))

Hey and Mem opened in LA, so that's not helpful, but I hear they have great chocolate in Zur--- oh, wait!

Pennie said...

sab wow ... you linked me! im so touched...oh and its sweden you say ...remember the time we biked across the Öresund Bridge?? oooh those were the days ..or as they say in sweden den hår var det dagen

the sabra said...

u too too funny

of COURSE i remember!
and omg yknow what i just stumbled upon in my journal? our tremp (motzei yom yerushalayim) to the airport to pick up the swedish dancer!! beat that!

(and ye i linked u. i think i've linked to u before. ur the linkable type)

the sabra said...


i can NOT believe it
i can NOT believe it

only two other ppl right know can explain my shock

ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


amom said...

Are you sure you're in Sweden?? not in South Dakota ?

the sabra said...

that is quite a flematic assumption right there.

aight, have an easy fast everyone.

anon said...

Is it a whole day fast? or just till chatzos? Did we have to accept it by mincha?

the sabra said...

well that depends if ur into chazzonus or not.

the sabra said...

we was funny