Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The common cure for everything.


the sabra said...

so go knock es's head on a wall
and then we'll all laugh
but even then you won't get our act
cuz we're way funnier than you
especially when im mad
so ha
(talk about mad, i don't think we ever resolved #35 btw...)

esssther said...

Well yes we most definitely did resolve it. I was right. O brilliant one. That was refering to me ;). So I've been knocking my head over my desk for the past hour and my coworkers think I'm nuts, but just wait till we are rich and famous. We shall see who is laughing then...

the sabra said...

ho ho ho
boy do i agree with you!
let's just wait and see...!

re #35-i'm not so sure u were right cuz u were arguing for ur sister and i was arguing for myself. i think i won. (hon, if u wanna keep the storybook friend title, you gotta let me win.)

p.s. do brilliant people always misspell the word 'referring' or only when their headache starts to go away?

esssss said...

Oh only when they are intentionally trying not to overshadow their anti-social friend with their brilliance. So brilliant and so kind. Too good to be true. Like out of a storybook or a fairy tale... But I still win, cuz your logic makes no sense. Honestly, who cares who is arguing for who?

the sabra said...

of course it makes a difference!
u were mad second hand, while i was mad first hand!
and everyone knows that second hand smoking is worse. so there!

and i hate to say it, but gosh that was funny-ur storybook reference.

esssss said...

How cuuuuute of you. Cuz you are just soooo cute. Forget pleading the fifth- everything I say can and will now be held against me.

Scraps said...

Ouch. :( I don't like headaches.

the sabra said...

ya but scraps, headaches make my friend funny-its totally worth it.