Thursday, May 03, 2007

Winter and Summer

Winter and summer.
Different, they are.

Winter is dark, frozen and still.
And fast.
Hurry now, hurry.
Look down.
Quick quick quick.
Don't stop for anything.
Notice the Quiet.
Snow falls peacefully.
Even slowly.
But the people?
They don't linger.
They don't pause.
The people rush.
See the goal, stride towards it.
No distractions, no nonsense.
Logical, sensible ("zip up!"), precise.

And summer?
Summer is light, warm and alive.
And slow.
Wait up now, wait up.
Look around.
Spread out.
Easy easy easy
Take your time.
Pay heed to the Laughter.
Children scamper peacefully.
But the people?
They don't rush.
They don't skip.
The people saunter.
They forget their intentions, they get sidetracked.
No order, no solemness.
Irresponsible, impulsive, chaotic.
Yep, that's summer..


the sabra said...

a write would edit that before publishing; a sabra wouldn't.

glad i chose sabra!

es said...

I'm glad you chose sabra too. Sabra's are cool. So this definitely sheds some light on why you like winter... I'll stick to the summer days...

Too much inside joke for one comment said...

This comment is tachas hashgochas haBaDaTZ of LA. (The actual hechsher is mine. The Av beis din still doesn't know how to italicize.)
Perhaps children are summer and adults are winter:
Jerry Seinfeld has a routine wherein he says kids are always lookin' up "Wait up!" "Shut up!" "Can I stay up!" And adults always say "Sitdown!" "Get down!" "Settle down!"

Also I was at this VT memorial in the place where i was the other night (this comment is really to the ABD and *he* knows where that was) and a high school student spoke - very beautifully - there were two things she said actually that i knew I was going to plagiarize within 48 hrs:
A) "Be the change you want to see." (I'm sure it wasn't hers either.)
B) A world-class violinist pulled out his $3.5m Stradivarius and started playing in the DC subway... less than 10 people stopped - 7 of the ones that did were kids.

You - not U, ABD, ur still a kid (jokes are retired after 3 uses. this is it) wouldn't know beauty if it knipped you on the cheek.

Fajita said...

whoa tmijfoc! uve even still got Tim in there:')

Anonymous said...


ma said...

nit tzu farlozen zich oif di badatz fun la...

ma said...

tmijfoc -
how many petch do you want?

wires said...


Mazkir BaDaTZ D'kak LA T'VBBA! said...

**Hechsher Alert**
Petch u can give but not hugs. That's the psak out of BaDaTZ LA. But men ken nit farlozen oif zei anyway soooo....

Anonymous said...

nuppppppps to me, winter is light adn alive wheras summer means drab, hot, sweaty, dragging body along to do chores in teh sweltering heat. winter, is freezing, refresign, beautufl. rain is a siman brocah. ill never foregt that

Chasidishe Shaigitz said...

Freazing in the cold, melting in the heat...

Singing in the rain.

the sabra said...

es-ye ye, age old argument. after all, ur the 'follow ur heart' lady, while im the 'omg its 9pm we gotta study for our chumash test' freak. uh lady. ;)

anonymous-actually, its solemness. this is my blog, remember. my writing. my choice of words. its solemness. solemness. SOLEMNESS (fajita! help me out over here). wanna hear the great thing though? in ur newspaper column, blog, diary, resignation letter, YOU can use solemnity. isn't that fabulous? wow, the freedom of speech here is overwhelming.

solemness. (that was the last word) (woops, now word is the last word).

wires-if that was to me, thanks.

anonymous 9:43am-winter and summer are both gifts from hashem. personally, i like winter better. (see es's comment). why? (read my post again).
b'kitzur? in winter it is easier for me to accomplish.

cs-oy there u go again, bothering me with ur chasidishe shaigitzle comments. but ill put up with it for shalom's sake.. (ye? is that the routine we play?)

the sabra said...

o and as for the rest of you, take ur machlokeses (and disrespect ahem timothy) elsewhere. my blog is decidedly politic-free.

well fine, you CAN stay here. for an interesting price....

and ps MY MA CAN BEAT UP YOUR MA! (hey i didn't say pa...)

Chasidishe Shaigitz said...

"cs-oy there u go again, bothering me with ur chasidishe shaigitzle comments. But ill put up with it for shalom's sake.. (ye? is that the routine we play?)"

You talking to the chasidsh or shaigitz part, I mean like how would a chasidsh aidel maidel like you know what a shaigitz comment is all about?

Oysh thanks for putting up with me, I'm forever grateful, ya see I know it most be tuff, you being a sabra and all...

And for shalom's sake (seems like a mutual friend of ours) I'll stop right here, as this is the routine we play.

fajit said...

sab- fsure solemness.
lord, this place is hectic!

es said...

listen, in the end, which parts do you rememeber? Personally, I do not remember one minute of the studying part- but the fun times- there are some great memories... ;). I can just envision it now, rewinding 5 of 6 years, seeinig you flip out about how much time we wasted and me lauuughingggggggggg.... ;) And after all these years, we still never worked out whether or not pajamas have to match.... How has our friendship survived these tumoultous conflicts?

m00kie said...

there's a time and need for both..

Scraps said...

I like. :)

Chaya said...

Sabra...That's petty cool that you can look past the external and see what's really important.

I still prefer summer though.

wires said...

sabra it was to you and your welcome

as to cs what no "ur mishug"?????

cs's 2nd cmnt - LOL

the sabra said...

o wait, that was a comment.

fajit-ye i was thinkin the same thing. but at least its not a matter of solemness. cuz that would be depressitating. solemness i'm not so good with. (gosh darn it anonymous-look what u makin me do!). o and thanks. knew ud stand by me (only literally)

es-ahhh our tumultuous friendship. lots to be said on that one. and yknow i was JUST thinkin bout matchin pjs the other night! how strange! and ye ye we can discuss the studying vs fun in a sec-just lemme finish puttin on my tights... (i am NOT making fun! i promise!)

mookie-obviously. that's why hashem made both. however, my recent frustrations at my own irresponsibility prompted the above (or side, dependin on the view) post.

scraps-thanks dude. guess there is something nice about gray winters, eh ;) ? solemness can do something positive to a person...

chaya-prefer all you want. theres tons to write bout summer advantages. thats the beauty of perspective.
and thanks. i appreciate ur kind words :)

wires-ur mishug

wires said...

"wires-ur mishug"
ha apparently i'm moving up in life :)

shprintz said...

good one for a photo essay