Sunday, May 06, 2007

Week of Emor

Jew are rich. No doubt about it.
Read this week's Parsha? Skimmed the week's Pirkei Avos?
We are loaded.
Kesser shem tov oleh al gabeihen, shlucho shel odom kimoso, u'sifartem lachem mimocharas hashabbos, lihazhir gedolim al haketanim, v'chol hamivatel es hatorah m'osher, al tifrosh min hatzibor (ouch), v'achshav nichnasta tachas kanfei hashechina and v'yikchu elecha shemen zayis zoch (of course) are some of the week's treasures.
There's enough in there to keep my mind runnin for a good few weeks.
And for that, I need energy.
So I go sleep now*.
Oh, before I do, gotta share a fabulous quote I heard on Friday-
"Im ein ge'ah, ein atid"** - "If there is no pride, there is no future"

I'm lovin it.

* Daniel style again. Kinda like the 'Why you not want me to come?'.
** 2tired2lookforhebrewonthiscomputerthatismoodierthanmoi
*** There is SOO much I gotta write, gotta share, gotta express, gotta catch up. I gotta extern so I can intern.
****02:03:04 05/06/07. sababa, no?


the sabra said...

there's a reason why the hebrew-letters bottom comment is not by the first transliterated chelek.
there is.

Shogun_Grievous said...

Rich in money and items or rich in faith?

( I'm going to assume...both?)

cookie said...

this post is awesomely awesome and basically so true and yeah.

the sabra said...

shogun g-
why rich in money? where'd u get that from?
yes, rich in faith. look at what we have. each one of those phrases have hours and hours behind it. days and years to work on it.
whatta heritage, whatta present (pun intended).

thanks. means a lot to me. u pick up on the funniest things. :)