Monday, May 07, 2007

twas my english b-day yesterday
may 5


said ..../.....said said...

happy 14 1/2 birthday sabra!!

shetizke legadloh l'torah l'chupah u'lima'asim tovim!

the sabra said...

curious where u picked up the 14.5 part.
o and im a girl. that would be tizki...
o and thanks prof said.

(no ma, not THAT prof....hes too BUSYYYY)

o! and amen!

(sounds like the 'that was a nice story zeidy. bye....o ya! thank you!')

Esther said...

and I was thinking more like happy 12th... ;). Mazel Tov Chava- hope we celebrate many more birthdays together!

the sabra said...

just about bat mitzvah, aren't i?
time for the purple book, isn't it? ;)


w.... said...

mazal tov mazal tov

(and while its not polite to discuss a lady's age :) i second the first cmnt (and all other brochos))

(though farshteit zich all this is b'iker on your yidishe b-day)
anyway yailchu m'chail el choyil

Pennie said...

so im still thinking about that card for you...oof should i just ruin it here - ya i'm laughing in case you are wondering ...i guess we'll do sabra bday sheni so i got a bit of time

Mazkir Beth, Din and Rachel said...

Oooooh! May 5th was the day my library books were due! Now they're overdue and getting fatter.

Shnat hatzlacha, brocho, yeshua, nechama, parnassa, chalkalah. Leben, vaksen, kvellin, kinder, nachas, gezunt un gelt. Amen!

In farshidene kreizer, "tizki" is for a "them." (Hoo is hee and baruch is booreech.) And "tizku" is for a "her." Ober baider fin zai zennen nisht far inz. The peoples of those kreizer say "Yechoo adoynainee" to ridicule Kabobnikim. However, we don't do it that way so the joke's on them. It's not even funny!

grandma said...

mazkir blah blah blah..-

me thinks its ..kraizen..with a

Mahatma Ghandi (or at least as hungry.) said...

Aim Beth:
Yup. And I read it over as Kreizin several times till it sounded funny in me keppy so I changed it. Like pillow. Pillow. Pi-llow. Pillow? Wouldn't put one o those under my head!

the sabra said...

orange you gonna tell me how u knew twas my mandarin bday three 1/4 weeks ago?