Friday, May 25, 2007

Tes Sivan

the reizi song

let the world be sweetened
by the fragrance of her deeds
let us all come together
and care for each others needs
lend a hand where you can
and follow her lead

give me the world
give me the sky
give me the answer to every why
i still need to hold her
feel her hands in mine
oh no i won't say goodbye

let the darkness be brightened
by her smile so sincere
let our inner ice be melted
and she will be here
let our hearts be inspired
set goals to achieve

give me the world
give me the sky
give me the answer to every why
i still need to hold her
feel her hands in mine
oh no i won't say goodbye

she's a rose that never stings
joy to everyone she brings
so won't you join and sing her song
till the world will sing as one

then ill own the world
ill own the sky
ill own the answer to every why
yes i will be holding
her hands in mine
reizi, your hands in mine

This Shabbos (tomorrow) is Tes Sivan-Reizi's first Yahrtzeit.
Last year, this time, I was frantically running up and down the streets looking for Jews to offer Shabbos candles to and non-Jews to inform of the sheva mitzvos bnei noach in the zechus of Reizel bas Sheina Dvora. A few days days later I was back on the streets, dragging my feet, looking for Jews to offer Shabbos candles to and non-Jews to inform of the sheva mitzvos bnei noach in the zechus of Reizel bas Shmuel HaKohen.

It's a bitter bitter golus.

Then Making Reizi Proud was founded and its first email sent. The email listed the reason for this brand new Mitzvah project, the goal, and the hope for Moshiach. Thirty days later, a second email was sent. The reason had been embraced, the goal had been surpassed and yet Moshiach was still not here.

It's now one full year later. One year of hundreds and hundreds (literally!) of good things done in Reizi's honor. A year of Tanya memorized, Tzedaka given and Torah learnt. A year of Chitas recited, neggel vasser brought and countless other hachlatos accepted and carried out.
And still Moshiach isn't here.

It's a bitter bitter golus.

IMPORTANT NOTICE-Many of you took upon yourselves to memorize Tanya in Reizi's memory. Your pledges, followed by your hard work learning are truly commendable and with your help, we will have memorized
143 perakim of Tanya! Now that you have worked so hard and memorized - please just follow through and help us test you. Some of you emailed in phone numbers and are awaiting phone calls - some of you emailed in numbers and despite countless tries are yet to be reached - some of you never sent in numbers. As a last plea I am asking all of you, please help take some of the testing responsibility on yourself. If you haven't sent in your number or know someone who hasn't PLEASE, PLEASE DO! If we can't call you, we can't test you and then you can't complete your pledge as promised. This is the easy part of the deal - you already did the tough stuff! If you see this email and you have yet to be tested please call Chanie at 410-504-4929. If I have your number I will do my best to contact you myself but as you know your schedule better than I, please try and make the time to call for testing.

Remember: Shabbos marks Reizi's first yartzeit and we want to complete testing before then- please help!

Be'ezrat Hashem, this Shabbos we will spend with Reizi in Yerushalayim.

It will be a sweet sweet Geulah.


afroson said...

sabra you will be one of the first ones to greet moshiach
and reizi

Anonymous said...

Your blog was black and dark like mine was. Now it's all white and bright, kind of like it inverted.

There's nothing wrong with it, just noticing the change is all.

Anonymous said...

the most revealing moment for me was when i opened the tehillim and suddenly i was davening for a different name. Scared me. I couldn't say tehillim for a week. hurt too much to change the name. coward

chava said...
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Pennie said...

and we're just getting started...moshiach projects starts tom..ok sunday... may the mitzvos continue and the kochos and brachos we are granted to fulfill them, double in strength and may our moshiach project be "how to get all the children of the world to meet and greet him" with the coming of Moshiach today! ... i never met Reizi but I know she's proud...Reizi we just want to be able to see how proud you are and thanks for pushing us and encouraging us and for spreading so much light!

p.s. sab-um i think that letter might be plagerized...

the sabra said...

o and i apologize for completely omitting the fact that the song was made up by reizi's sisters.

moshiach now.

Anonymous said...

Is their a melody to the song that we could hear?

Anonymous said...

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the sabra said...

anonymous 8:40am-
the only thing we have is with her sister singing. can't really link to that..

the sabra said...

Reizi, I miss you.