Tuesday, May 01, 2007

root canal

it's like getting a tooth n gum massage

(try it)


Pennie said...

thanks for the tip - i did just that - ran out and tried it and all i have to say hun - GO GET YOURSELF A NEW MASSEUSE or if that comes with the wrong connotations then at least a new massage therapist!

Shogun_Grievous said...

I don't know... It sounds like it would hurt. Then again, what would I know anyway.

To The Sabra-

Hello, hello, hello! I vanished from blogger.com for a while and I figured I'd stop by your blog and say hi.

the sabra said...

ur mishug.
and anyhow, how and when do you have time for such things when you should be learning tanya!??!

walla, i kinda remember you.
welcome back to blogger.com (i do own it, ur aware...)
as for the root canal-go try it and then u can validly join the discussion.