Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Old Age Home #1

One Sunday afternoon, three girls (finally!) went to an old age home. They went to visit the Jewish people living there in order to make them happy. They were to sing and chat and bond and leave and then come again.

Three Girls And An Old Man

The room was packed with song. About fifteen people in the room (ages twenty-ninety three approx) were sitting, standing and wheeling. They were singing some song ('Dovid melech yisroel' or maybe 'Hinei mah tov u'manoyim' or maybe 'Oifen pripentchik') and at one point, one old man sang it incorrectly rather loudly-either the tune was off or he mixed up some words; I'm not sure.
Girl #1 calls out - No, you are singing it the wrong way. It should go like this...
Girl #2 mouths across the room- 'O c'mon Girl #1, leave the guy alone. It really doesn't make a difference. He's an old man, just humor him. It's not worth making him feel bad.
Girl #1- Hmmm you're right.

I'm thinking to myself-whatta lesson for personal growth. How many 'old men' are there in my life that I am too stubborn to 'leave alone'? Why do I so often make big deals out of things that 'don't really make a difference'? What will it take for me to learn how to 'just humor' my fellow? When will I see that it's 'not worth' making people feel bad over certain things?

Hmmmm who are the 'old men' in your life?


wires said...

When will I see that it's 'not worth'
its s/t u'll see every day - a work in progress -

sometimes ppl focus on things that are 'not worth' out of a reluctance (e/o on their level) to focus on things that 'really make a difference'

(ps. im not talking about ppl who are in denial rather ppl who know but nonetheless are reluctant)

Pennie said...

point well taken - thanks for the reminder...I think my mother is one of the old men in my life - well not that she's old and no she's not a man but you get the idea...now I just hope she never finds out I just called her an old man :-) ...oh and more importantly I guess I have some growth to do, namely: being less like girl #1 and more like girl #2

the sabra said...

ye. its like what's up with us and being so harsh on others?!
p.s. so long as u didn't call her a 'demented old circus monkey'

worse to be drowning in denial. (then again, tis worse to be drowning in da nile)

wires said...

sabra. "demented old circus monkey"
hmmmm could it be.....
nah you wouldnt have done that :)

"drowning" i agree to both
though im not sure where drowning comes in over here????

Avi said...
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pint-sized said...

As per usual, your writing is eloquently worded, and puts accross an interesting idea.
I am inclined to disagree with you though; It is never too late to learn a new lesson, and rather than forgetting that human beings are always in the process of learning, we should think how to open ourselves to new lessons every day.

the sabra said...

hey pintsized, nice to have ya around again.
what are u disagreeing with? who said it's too late?

and thanks for the compliment. it is well appreciated.

wires, ppl that are in denial just sink lower n lower. convince themselves more n more. they drown in it. they aint just floating.

wires said...

sabra. i agree with you what i'm saying is i dont see what this has to do with what i wrote
please 'splain it

shprintz said...

good lesson, it's just that this phrase "humor him" is bothering me.

is it: "oh, just humor him" as in, "it doesn't matter, what he's doing is not so important" which minimizes him.

or is it: "leave him to his humor, he's having a good time and that's the point--don't focus on the wrong aspect here" which doesn't.

the sabra said...

the second way, shprintz.