Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Chof Iyar

Malchut of Hod: Nobility in Humility

Day 35
[Tuesday, May 8, 2007]

Walking humbly is walking tall. Dignity is the essence of humility and modesty. The splendor of humility is majestic and aristocratic. Humility that suppresses the human spirit and denies individual sovereignty is not humility at all. Does my humility make me feel dignified? Do I feel alive and vibrant?

Exercise for the day: Teach someone how humility and modesty enhance human dignity.

P.S. H.B.M. ;)


ma said...


the sabra said...


ma said...

to add some nobility to my humility i hereby request, nah, demand, of y'all to add in torah tefilla and tzedoko today.(and any other day you want to as well).
and that goes to each one of you.
Mr. BUSY or not.
and no shtick please. (halt zich ain)
and that goes for you too wires.

do you feel bad now that you read this?
i dont.

And may you all be gebentched with kol tuv. and have all your holy desires fufilled.

wires said...

ma. and here i thought i finnaly made it under the radar ;)

and i dont feel bad what u say is very true

kol hamevoraich m'sboraich

Reallybusy..for real said...

tizki l'mitzvos for the donation of your space.

todays tanya "derher"

The aibershter loves us.When we think bout IT/Him it will arouse in us a corresponding love towards Him.
kamayim haponim l'ponim...
( ed.note.oh my, does that mean youall love me too??? oyvey)
- Understanding tora connects our spirit to hashem's Spirit, which is all gut and fain, But the tachlis Hakavana is to bring the or ain sof down here.and that is accomplished thru "speaking" words of Torah. (to actually verbalize'm).

Caroline. Final answer said...

H. B. M.!

the sabra said...

not bad, caroline.
except for you it wouldn't really be H.B.M...unless we're taking this adoption thing all the way...

and ma? vus donation? ver donation? this is to settle my credit card bill with you.

(not joking)

ma said...

there is enough darkness in the world ..can you add some light and joy and cheeriness pleeeaaaasssse...

wires said...

ma i try i try but there's only so much that i can do :)