Friday, May 25, 2007

Tes Sivan

the reizi song

let the world be sweetened
by the fragrance of her deeds
let us all come together
and care for each others needs
lend a hand where you can
and follow her lead

give me the world
give me the sky
give me the answer to every why
i still need to hold her
feel her hands in mine
oh no i won't say goodbye

let the darkness be brightened
by her smile so sincere
let our inner ice be melted
and she will be here
let our hearts be inspired
set goals to achieve

give me the world
give me the sky
give me the answer to every why
i still need to hold her
feel her hands in mine
oh no i won't say goodbye

she's a rose that never stings
joy to everyone she brings
so won't you join and sing her song
till the world will sing as one

then ill own the world
ill own the sky
ill own the answer to every why
yes i will be holding
her hands in mine
reizi, your hands in mine

This Shabbos (tomorrow) is Tes Sivan-Reizi's first Yahrtzeit.
Last year, this time, I was frantically running up and down the streets looking for Jews to offer Shabbos candles to and non-Jews to inform of the sheva mitzvos bnei noach in the zechus of Reizel bas Sheina Dvora. A few days days later I was back on the streets, dragging my feet, looking for Jews to offer Shabbos candles to and non-Jews to inform of the sheva mitzvos bnei noach in the zechus of Reizel bas Shmuel HaKohen.

It's a bitter bitter golus.

Then Making Reizi Proud was founded and its first email sent. The email listed the reason for this brand new Mitzvah project, the goal, and the hope for Moshiach. Thirty days later, a second email was sent. The reason had been embraced, the goal had been surpassed and yet Moshiach was still not here.

It's now one full year later. One year of hundreds and hundreds (literally!) of good things done in Reizi's honor. A year of Tanya memorized, Tzedaka given and Torah learnt. A year of Chitas recited, neggel vasser brought and countless other hachlatos accepted and carried out.
And still Moshiach isn't here.

It's a bitter bitter golus.

IMPORTANT NOTICE-Many of you took upon yourselves to memorize Tanya in Reizi's memory. Your pledges, followed by your hard work learning are truly commendable and with your help, we will have memorized
143 perakim of Tanya! Now that you have worked so hard and memorized - please just follow through and help us test you. Some of you emailed in phone numbers and are awaiting phone calls - some of you emailed in numbers and despite countless tries are yet to be reached - some of you never sent in numbers. As a last plea I am asking all of you, please help take some of the testing responsibility on yourself. If you haven't sent in your number or know someone who hasn't PLEASE, PLEASE DO! If we can't call you, we can't test you and then you can't complete your pledge as promised. This is the easy part of the deal - you already did the tough stuff! If you see this email and you have yet to be tested please call Chanie at 410-504-4929. If I have your number I will do my best to contact you myself but as you know your schedule better than I, please try and make the time to call for testing.

Remember: Shabbos marks Reizi's first yartzeit and we want to complete testing before then- please help!

Be'ezrat Hashem, this Shabbos we will spend with Reizi in Yerushalayim.

It will be a sweet sweet Geulah.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Chof Iyar

Malchut of Hod: Nobility in Humility

Day 35
[Tuesday, May 8, 2007]

Walking humbly is walking tall. Dignity is the essence of humility and modesty. The splendor of humility is majestic and aristocratic. Humility that suppresses the human spirit and denies individual sovereignty is not humility at all. Does my humility make me feel dignified? Do I feel alive and vibrant?

Exercise for the day: Teach someone how humility and modesty enhance human dignity.

P.S. H.B.M. ;)
The rock that knows it cannot fly
But jumps with the wind just in case
The Innocent whose proof has died
But fights for justice to the end
The traitor whom justice has condemned
Still prays for mercy from his foes
The nature of the human heart
Will prey upon this useless hope.

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Etc. : A sign to make others believe that you know more than you actually do.

Old Age Home #1

One Sunday afternoon, three girls (finally!) went to an old age home. They went to visit the Jewish people living there in order to make them happy. They were to sing and chat and bond and leave and then come again.

Three Girls And An Old Man

The room was packed with song. About fifteen people in the room (ages twenty-ninety three approx) were sitting, standing and wheeling. They were singing some song ('Dovid melech yisroel' or maybe 'Hinei mah tov u'manoyim' or maybe 'Oifen pripentchik') and at one point, one old man sang it incorrectly rather loudly-either the tune was off or he mixed up some words; I'm not sure.
Girl #1 calls out - No, you are singing it the wrong way. It should go like this...
Girl #2 mouths across the room- 'O c'mon Girl #1, leave the guy alone. It really doesn't make a difference. He's an old man, just humor him. It's not worth making him feel bad.
Girl #1- Hmmm you're right.

I'm thinking to myself-whatta lesson for personal growth. How many 'old men' are there in my life that I am too stubborn to 'leave alone'? Why do I so often make big deals out of things that 'don't really make a difference'? What will it take for me to learn how to 'just humor' my fellow? When will I see that it's 'not worth' making people feel bad over certain things?

Hmmmm who are the 'old men' in your life?
Ita says her mother was my mohel.
(soon as we finish arguin it out, i'll let ya know the verdict. bli neder)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Achla Plasters In Yotebory

smoke n stuff

just came outta the shower (tfs, ur welcome) and before i went in, i realized i smelled real strongly of smoke. (ain mookdam u'meuchar b'sabra).
it was from two things, the smoke-the shawarma i was dealin with, and the bonfire i sat near, afterwards.
my clothes were drenched with smoke.
it reminded me of two things, the smoke-my old shawarma shop* that i worked in, and the bonfires in amona.
smoke is powerful, yo.
whenever i'd get home after bein in the steakhouse, i had to discard my kleider in a separate laundry bag. so strong, the smoke. but i loved it.
and from amona-my coat still carries the odor of the smoke. we sat around bonfires the night before and i barely spoke yet my coat still smells of it.
and i smell it even without my coat.
i had to make sure not to wear 'fresh' or 'really clean' clothes to the shawarma place cuz then i'd be uncomfortable and cautious. ye can't wash dishes and slice meat if yer scared to chip a nail.
twas nice to work with shawarma again, tonight. nice doesn't mean i didn't cut myself on two fingers which led to a new appreciation of the 'Red Sea'. no, nice means nice memories.
shawarma memories.
not amona memories.
i tried so hard not to think of it.
didn't want amona tears nor amona ice in my heart.
i just wanted shawarma memories.
chopping away, being slapped for opening the register, learning mizrachi songs, getting free falafel from the competitor across the street, trying to sponga and just makin matters worse, using funny mayo soap for the hugongous dishes-those kinda memories.
when i was in the kitchen tonight preparing the food, i thought of my black t-shirt that was envied by some other workers. i thought of laya n avigayil and everyone else i brought there. i thought of how i was fired countless times and then re-hired soon as a table needed some chumus-wiping.
it was precious to let my mind roll back to the late nights, to the falling storage shelves, to the free painting, to the politics. ye, the politics. army politics, state o israel politics, friendship politics, business politics. ye, lotsa politics there-and surprisingly soaked up by one who surprisingly despises politics. ye, me.
whatta life, whatta life..
and again, my mind and nose drifts back to amona
how i called my cousin after-the only person i could cry to without talking at the time
and i still shudder when i hear 'zuzi'
and every gimmel of a month makes my stomach tighten
and how i was queasy and fidgety this morning cuz they said that the police accompaniment to the parade would be on horseback.
and police on horseback makes me sick
thank gd there was none
and thank gd i got to cut the shawarma tonight
twas my english b-day yesterday
may 5

Sunday, May 06, 2007

"T O D A Y ' S D A Y"

Sunday, Iyar 18, 5703 * 33rd day of the Omer

Lag Ba'Omer was one of the Mitteler Rebbe's particularly noteworthy festivals. He and the Chassidim would go out to the fields that day, and although he did not wash and break bread, he did partake of Mashkeh (strong drink), which he was not allowed to do for health reasons. Many wonders were seen at that time, most of them involving the blessing of children for childless couples - and all year long people waited for Lag Ba'Omer.

Week of Emor

Jew are rich. No doubt about it.
Read this week's Parsha? Skimmed the week's Pirkei Avos?
We are loaded.
Kesser shem tov oleh al gabeihen, shlucho shel odom kimoso, u'sifartem lachem mimocharas hashabbos, lihazhir gedolim al haketanim, v'chol hamivatel es hatorah m'osher, al tifrosh min hatzibor (ouch), v'achshav nichnasta tachas kanfei hashechina and v'yikchu elecha shemen zayis zoch (of course) are some of the week's treasures.
There's enough in there to keep my mind runnin for a good few weeks.
And for that, I need energy.
So I go sleep now*.
Oh, before I do, gotta share a fabulous quote I heard on Friday-
"Im ein ge'ah, ein atid"** - "If there is no pride, there is no future"

I'm lovin it.

* Daniel style again. Kinda like the 'Why you not want me to come?'.
** 2tired2lookforhebrewonthiscomputerthatismoodierthanmoi
*** There is SOO much I gotta write, gotta share, gotta express, gotta catch up. I gotta extern so I can intern.
****02:03:04 05/06/07. sababa, no?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

There's a difference between "I don't believe in G-d" and "I don't believe in a G-d"

But that doesn't quite matter to Jews cuz all Jews believe in G-d.

Winter and Summer

Winter and summer.
Different, they are.

Winter is dark, frozen and still.
And fast.
Hurry now, hurry.
Look down.
Quick quick quick.
Don't stop for anything.
Notice the Quiet.
Snow falls peacefully.
Even slowly.
But the people?
They don't linger.
They don't pause.
The people rush.
See the goal, stride towards it.
No distractions, no nonsense.
Logical, sensible ("zip up!"), precise.

And summer?
Summer is light, warm and alive.
And slow.
Wait up now, wait up.
Look around.
Spread out.
Easy easy easy
Take your time.
Pay heed to the Laughter.
Children scamper peacefully.
But the people?
They don't rush.
They don't skip.
The people saunter.
They forget their intentions, they get sidetracked.
No order, no solemness.
Irresponsible, impulsive, chaotic.
Yep, that's summer..

Tuesday, May 01, 2007