Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wikipedia lists the following people under the title 'Notable figures' on the page for 'Tanya':
Shmuel Butman, Yehuda Chitrik, Shlomo Cunin, Itche Der Masmid, Manis Friedman, Yoel Kahan, Leib Groner, Shemaryahu Gurary, Berel Lazar, Chaya Mushka Schneerson, Shalom Dov Wolpo, Yudel Krinsky, Joseph Gutnick, Barry Gurary, Moshe Rubashkin, Herman Branover.

I thought that was funny. As well as a tad unsettling.


chana said...

hmmm... that's wikipedia for you.
somewhat disconcerting

chanie said...

that is a tad weird. but yeah, what can you expect?

Anonymous said...


and what about it's AUTHOUR lol... forgotten HIM behind