Monday, April 02, 2007

Times of Label #8

Monday night, iy"h.

"Mah nishtanah halayla hazeh mikol halaylos?

One! Matbilin! (dipping with fingers)
Two! Matzah! (puts fingers in mouth)
Three! Marror! (wipes away mock tears)
Four! Leaning! (leans to his left)

Tattie, give me tirutz!"


Chaya said...

Oish, that is so precious
Good job Sabs

cc in man said...

cute- did you teach him that?
ps whats with the annoying dark background- very depressing

the sabra said...

sure did. very exciting.

and its not depressing. its um deep :)

wires said...

deep? deep?? deep??? huh?????

the sabra said...

o woops, i forgot we have foreigners here. глубокой.

wires said...

s. LOL

"глубокой."?? whats that??

the sabra said...

use ur imagination.

wires said...

sab. "use ur imagination" it's non-existent :(

wires said...

"глубокой" as i thought once i traslated it :)