Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pesach-a time to be frei

I just can't get enough of it. I keep hollerin it all day long-"I'm frei! Oooh its so good to be frei! Here, lemme do this-another sign of freikeit"

Irregardless* (LOLL) of the season, bichlal, the more frum you are, the more frei you really are.

Hey, works for me!

*painful to type, i tell ya


chanie said...

don't get it, sorry sweets.

the english puritanical society said...

nisht irregardless, that's a double negative.

delete the "ir"

repeat after me,


that's a lot better

the sabra said...

1. pesach is the holiday of freedom.
2. frei means free.
3. you don't have to apologize for 'not getting it'. i frankly don't care.
4. don't call me sweets.

teps (if its who i think it is, hi. bobov style. if not, no hi)-
hence the LOLL and the asterik. got it from a diff blog. and derech agav, thanks for spellin a lot correctly :)