Sunday, April 29, 2007

movies are terrible


ma said...

even on the airplane..

e/wj said...

At very least, I can empathize... from experience (lo takum pa'amayim tzarah), it blows over after a couple of days of 'back to normality'.
Try reading the first 18 lines of Perek 41, Aliba D'nafshei, helps get the proper perspective back.
(of course that's only an eitzah - nobody tells the sabra what to do)

wires said...

"of course that's only an eitzah - nobody tells the sabra what to do"

LOL well said :)

Chasidishe Shaigitz said...

But what if...* Um and how about when...** And what about... *Stammer, **stutter and then slowly takes a deep breath.

Ach shoin, no use arguing. End.

Go living torah.

chana said...

true dat.

cs - hehe

Anonymous said...

agreed !

always efels pretty yuck

and always cums back during shmoneh esray... and yet

i wish i could just go dn watch one

Anonymous said...


lala said...

wat did u watch. shux i know i shouldnt pick THAT one next time i go into the movie store-to get a R (rebbe) rated video duuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

Fajita said...

ok, im lost. mah karah?

anonym00kie said...

me too

Scraps said...


afroson said...

whats a movie sabra?

and no i know its not a spa

the sabra said...

Mr. N/Joy-
what's the connection? elaborate please.

do i give off that impression? hmmmm

fajita, anonymook, scraps-
was digestin s/o's thought process and felt bad for the messed up-edness of it all. twas cuz of movies.
movies are terrible.

wires said...

"do i give off that impression? hmmmm"
well if i was being honest i would say that i dont know u to be able to answer that

wires said...

"do i give off that impression? hmmmm"
does she everrrrrrrrr

fijita said...


you said upedness.

the sabra said...

fajita, don't leave me hanging like this. im waitin for the punch line! (unless that's merely a friendly suggestion to patent that new born word 'fore someone else does..? was that it?)

and wires, what's up with the schiziness in ur two comments?

and afroson, movies is a made-up word. (gosh, whats w/ all this makingupedness??) tis the only thing i was able to come up with that rhymes with spa.


Fajita said...

huni- it's just my word and i freaked out when i saw it up on ur bloj. so i said it a whole load of times just cuz it's mine. ok?

ill share. maybe.

wires said...

sabra i don't know what "schiziness" means to be able to answer you

the sabra said...

that's cool, fajita.
reminds me of my 'stupid snow' post.