Monday, April 09, 2007

a joke*

A yid comes home one night during sefira after a long day at the office.
He asks his wife, "What's for dinner tonight".
His wife responds, "Last night we had chicken."**

now THAT'S tshukie!***

* look how careful i'm being, mim :)
** mum says it's better to say '4 pieces of chicken'. what she doesn't get however is that you can't just change a joke around whenever you feel like it.
***yes i am very proud of myself for being a buki b'tshukness. and no i
still can't believe that yisroel doesn't know what it means!
**** uh there's no reference to a fourth star, what are you reading on for?


me said...

i know what tshuki is - i figured it out!!! yay me- but you have to set your sights higher

the sabra said...

mi zeh

the sabra said...

k i figured it was you (cc..) but was thrown off by the settin sights higher. i said A LITTLE.

timothy said...

True Story*

The rov in a local Shtiebel began giving a shiur on Hilchos Sefiras Ha'Omer.
Rov: "When you count..."
Tshuk**: "Uh uh nu, don't say that
Everyone in the room: [eyes shoot up inquisitively; mouths drop; tim considers walking to Morristown to bop Hanholos Tiferes square on the noggin.]
Rov***: "When you count the first night..."
Tshuk: "AHHHHHHHHH! Don't say that!"
Rov: "Don't say...count?"
Tshuk: "Ye. Now you can't do it with a brocho tonight!"
*Mimi never warned me.
**I'm still uncomfortable with it in type. Pacifically in a pub-lick forum.
***Who I don't like and whose reaction was offensive for a ROV even if the kohol was allowed a couple eye rolls.

Brain-Freeze said...

If he's happy, I'm happy.

I think.

Happy Holidays.

chanie said...
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chanie said...


Pimplesoflife said...

ur a wack job!!! lol ... how was the holidays...??

Fajita said...

not a joke*

my net is
:) but im up, thank god.
nu, mah koreh, ve'ech haya? ve'mah yihye?

Lady-Light said...

Sabra, what is a "tshukie?" I never heard of it (and what, pray, is "buki b'tshukness.' It sure sounds cute. And Ivrit-ish). Also, did you see that I tagged you on my blog for the Pesach Meme?

the sabra said...

u feelin uncomfortable implies its negative. even slightly. i was takin it the other way. i like tshuks.

rest of you get ur answers after i rest. now now, stop ur pleading and ur begging, i shan't change my mind, no no.

St. Timothy said...

Sabra: ...and some guy in a trailer-park likes Kikes. In a good way.
(D'haynu, The road to hell is paved with good intentions. It's for the tshuk to be consider it endearing, not you.)
(The road to hell is paved?)
(There's a road to hell?)
(There'a a road to hell!)

the sabra said...

leave the st out, k?
its goyish

esther said...

hahahahaha............ I get it now, ok? I know what a tshuki is TOO... I feel so undeniably cool.

chanie said...

K, what's a tshuki? I'm undeniably NOT cool; I'm the biggest neb I know. There. I admitted it. Now tell me.