Thursday, March 08, 2007

u mean to tell me that when moshiach comes we will long for these days of golus??


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punch scream kick attack
sob choke freak attack
mind all hazy, outta wack
i want my brothers back

one day well see
one day well know
but till then we go n go

always movin
always goin
never stoppin
never slowin

must believe with number three
sons of believers are called we
know it real, no out belief
see the goodness in the grief

but the time is so far gone
the time when we should have been gone
gone from this slavery, gone from this mess
should have been gone and were still in distress

wish i could
oh i wish i can
show u all G-d's loving hand

but nimas li the answers
nimas li the veil
nimas li the convincing
i want out of this jail

i want moshiach to come right now


hindsight said...

Had i known how much it was worth i would have collected more....

wonderingjew said...

Or in the words of the Rebbe (re Golus being a Yeridah L'tzoirech Aliyah), Enough Yeridos, Enough Aliyos! We just want the Geulah!

Anonymous said...

collected what??

chava, great poem!!

the sabra said...

rocks that u now realize are diamonds


hindsight said...

jewels, torah and mitzvohs

hindsight said...

oops sorry , didnt realize sabra you answered...

avi said...

Funny. I read the "collect" differently.

the sabra said...

as in neshamos taken back?

fajita said...

No, collect every word, every smile. Collect the wisdom. Collect the inspiration, the encouragement. Collect it all...before it's gone and you realize how much it was worth.

hindsight said...

you know what , chevra, collect vatever you want.... as long as it is good and holy.

Avi said...

Faheet: B'diyuk.

chanie said...

beautiful poem, chava! but nu nu, where's moshiach already?