Friday, March 16, 2007

Times of Label #7

I held him up high, him half-sitting on my shoulder and my hands around his waist. I told him to put both his palms flat on the ceiling. He did one but refused to let go of my shoulder in order to put his other palm up. I started nudging his hand gently. I looked at him encouragingly, anxiously, wanting so badly that he do it, wanting him to conquer his fright, overcome his 'limitations'. I waited to beam with pride at our accomplishment.
And then he turned to me, and with a pleading look in his eyes and with a voice full of fright, he gasped 'scary!'

I couldn't have been prouder.

the lesson is obvious


the sabra said...

o and ps. he got dressed himself yesterday. with fever, noch!

Chasidishe Shaigitz said...

The lesson: Never trust a sabra :p

ma said...

and i couldnt be prouder of you.
(nobody say aaawww)

Fajita said...

rilly, but. we, the ppl that don't really know you, but also really do also, but then don't really, but might mebbe do a little, are proud, too.

Esther said...

Chava you are too awesome for words. Lucky Leibel...

amom said...

as apposed to a shaigetz???
we could trust?

the sabra said...

huh? what's the trustin bit about?

and guys, it weirds me out that y'all so proud of him and proud of me and lucky him and lucky mom yadda yadda yadda-when u have zero clue what his potential and capabilities are. maybe he's been gettin dressed himself for years now. maybe he can write full sentences in three languages and maybe he can't.
i dunno, anyone else find it weird?

Fajita said...

yip. that's why we jsut say awww, and pretend we do:) know, that is:D

Avi said...

Faheet: Tx for the Awww... I couldn't resist, but then - miracle of miracles! - I resisted :) and like the rest of your comment but only a little bit more "don't really" and less "mebbe do a little."

Sabra: Find out if he can get dressed in three languages. THAT is a gift worth noting...

the sabra said...

yes! he can, 'smatter of fact!!

and fajit-
but that's dorky. im the last person that wants misplaced awwwws and ignorant applause.

the sabra said...

walla, that rhymed.
see, im a poet
and i didn't even realize.

Fajita said...

know it, know it, know it:)
silly silly gril u is.
but of course u did it on purpis.
sometimes u rhyme and sound real silly, it makes me laugh f'rilly rilly...
someone make me shaa nowwwwwwww. quickerrr before i make me just erupt in cryingness from my own self.
(how's THAT for air, dear?)

the sabra said...

no air there, dear
have no fear, dear
was pleasin to my ear, dear
and i think ill stop here, dear

and ye the missin know it was on purpose duh thanks for noticin and i don't like the mebbe and serz and stuff like that. o and also faces. i hate abundance of :) and :( and :p and :D yadda yadda yadda

o and abundance means more than one.

shavua tov.

archibald the big brother said...

Mebbe "serz" should go away,
Along with "soz" "tomoz" "g'day"
Stop the smiles? What the @%*&????
I'm gonna throw a hockey puck! (Hmmmmmm... "Heck" and "puck" don't rhyme...)

Fajita said...

yeh bro- so i was thinking and thinkin and thinkin and came up with truck. try truck!

the sabra said...

get the dirty stuff off my blog
ubber shnell

and fajit-is this what u meant about the truckload..?
hehe cuz if so i have full rights to spilled goods...private ones of course..
loll that sounded bad

Fajita said...


but nope:)