Thursday, March 01, 2007

some things i just wanna say right now

purim is majorly sweetbitter right now. unless s/o brings moshiach and FAST :(

it makes me cry more when jan feels as i do towards eretz yisrael, but it also comforts me

sonia just said that ita cray is our dugma chaya. so i said 'but she hangs out with men..or one man at least'. and so she answered 'that's what makes her our dugma chaya'. so im trying to figure out if it was the first part of my sentence that made her say that or the second. cuz we were on gmail chat and im not sure if she saw the second one by the time she wrote it. ill ask her later. either way, its official. ita cray is our dugma chaya. (now is when u say 'ita cray man!')

im cold. i should get my warm slippers-from grandmaliza, thanks a bunch-but then i won't shower as fast. nu nu. off i go to get em
never mind, i just put on the heater instead
hehe i love Lady Laziness

its funny. a buncha things. no i dont feel like sharing the specifics right now.

when i don't have a satisfactory purim look, i get angry.
last year i got really angry.
i think my roommates got scared
then i ended up getting a really good costume
i was so happy
i think they were still scared though
i hope i don't get angry this year
i don't have a satisfactory purim look yet.
(s/o suggested i dress up as a JAP or a blogger..but those are scrappy ideas hehe)

im really excited to see eliyaho and yonaton
i don't get why they said they are coming for shabbos and not for sunday
nu nu
and if a certain someone has a good memory, something will click with the first line of this 'paragraph'. provided, of course, that they even know that this blog exists

this is starting to sound like all those blogs out there-whiny and tfsy

and for the final line (though i might just start a new one in about two minutes lol)-
i canceled my china man appointment tonight and im so glad i did. baruch havaya.

p.s. did i mention how extremely and senses-overtakingly bittersweet this purim looks like?


Esther said...

Ah yes, celebrating Purim out of the holy land is definitely bitter sweet.
About the Purim look- the Bob Marley costume is overused already?
Chava, have an absolutely awesome and unbelievably happy Purim...
Remember when you were at my house for Purim- what was it, about four years ago? Gosh I am getting nostalgic.... Missing youuuuu

ma said...

vos far a "bitter" ?? on purim?? in adar?? or anytime for that matter!! feh feh , the only thing bittersweet in your life should be chocolate...

the sabra said...

k so send me chocolate
and also, it was a mistake. i meant to write 'sweetbitter'. and i can't correct it now cuz im too lazy to sign in.
and esther (!!), yes lotsa memories...thanks for tonight btw

Pennie said...

so bla bla bla to the first bit but the purim look - you definately gotta get that figured out ...and fast I say you go with the play on words- those are the funnest ... like for freaky friend for example we wrapped a box really pretty, made a lid hat with a bow and a big gift tag that says, "From: G-d To: Mankind" ...ok for those who having had their coffee yet - she's G-d's gift to mankind
oh and re: the blogger costume being scrappy - well I wont bother taking offense but I'll have you know that in true blogger spirit I am expressing myself in words this purim - yup I made a full ensemble, dress, heels and jewelry out of newspaper - can you tell i'm proud of myself ...anyway if you're looking for ideas i got like a gazillion and a half so just say go.

afroson said...

hey mommy (says last year's bob marley)
i thank Hashem i had awsome experience
the memory is still here
chav is still here
i think im gonn ahave a happy purim if i think of that

Scraps said...

My roommate is dressing up as a flapper. I'm still debating whether to be a bunny or a mitnachelet; I might do one at night and the other during the day.

I hope you find a good costume, so you don't have to use one of the scrappy ideas! :-P

aliza said...


Nemo said...

Is it just me Sabra, or is there a whole new generation of bloggers??

the sabra said...

u KNOW that 'scrappy' has no connection to 'crappy', right??
hehe, im SERIOUS!

tell me how it went in the end...

and nemo, i didn't get ur question/comment. slichs. re-ask, ya?

Nemo said...

I was just noticing that it feel like we're the only ones left from the older bloggers... like the 2006ers.

wonderingjew said...

So how was Purim, B'poel?

Avi said...

Nebach. And oh-five man d'char shmei!

Pennie said...

so nu how was life as an inmate or was that just a fleeting thought? re: pillar of strength - i think pillar has a tall connotation - dont think that would work :-) but anytime

the sabra said...

there are others.

b'poel, twas only sweet :)
baruch hashem
(i may have asked u, i don't remember, but tell me-do you know me?)

what does that mean?

inmate was more than a fleeting thought but i chose gypsie instead. not necessarily a good switch but nu nu.
and ya well i meant pillar the other way, the other direction..


wonderingjew said...

Only from your blog.
PS I'm also known as 'enjoy', and I'm a bit weird.

Timothy said...

Oh ha! Wondering... I get it...

the sabra said...

what's there to get? what am i missing? and timothy, haven't seen u in my inbox for quite some time now. welcome back. leave when u want. or sooner. hehe.

and wondering!! UR enjoy??? ha! whatta small world this is. er blog world, that is. ha! that's funny.

u laughing?

timothy said...

Cuz of the "wondering" riddle you composed... I see it isn't me. I saw that before, but now I see it again. And I get it.

wonderingjew said...

:) Actually, I'm busy learning Tanya by heart.

the sabra said...

o good!! im so happy!!
baruch hashem baruch hashem!
thank you wondering.