Friday, March 09, 2007

my soulburn, revisited

Keep doin this G-d, and my soul will burn itself up entirely >:(


Pennie said...

ok i know this isnt completely related - ok not at all - but I have a story to tell you:

Ok so once upon a time - last night - I get this phone call - noch on my home phone! And I answer - noch on speakerphone - and its this yummy little voice ...saying words I can't figure out for the life of me - and then hi, hi, hi! So of course I say what any normal person would say, "you sound so cute, who are you?" and then to add to the ridiculousness of the picture I hear in the background TTTO: Mishenichnas Adar, "Mushka, Mushka, Mushka...etc...."

and that's when I realized and smiled and hung up the phone.

your mother called 5 min later :-)

Esther said...

Well if it helps at all, I love you. Even if I never call. If your soul burned up and expired- I would miss you. So don't.

mom said...

sabra will never expire!

Fajita said...

hi mum- sabra won't, but meebo just did:(