Monday, March 26, 2007



pickme said...

You mamosh took the word(s) out of my mouth, b'diyuk what i wanted to say.

u must be Calvin coolidge said...

wooooah! this is by faaaaaaaaar the most provocative statement I've read on the the Sabra blog in the past 2 years....

oh, and hello

esther said...

cant wait to see you....................

Mimi said...

Uh, gosh people...she's talking to ME.

Hi Sabra dear.

esther said...

...or not.

Pimplesoflife said...

hi !! miss me? i dont have ur cali cell... email me plzzz

Chasidishe Shaigitz said...

Quick definitions (hi)
noun: a state in the United States in the central Pacific on the Hawaiian Islands

fajit said...

Ship's seeming kinda cheerful now that the voyage is about to end. No more seasickness, no more kookee storms. The waters are calm:') Todah LaHashem.

the sabra said...

does this also remind u of 22 shevat in ny? hehe.

im calvin from the hobbes book, not the coolidge character-
a, this blog has not been around for two years. beeeep.
b, how come i can never tell if u peeps are bein sarcastic or not oysh
c, you later alligator
d, hello back

esther (ahem)-
heehee pinch me again

ya what's up with them? thinkin im addressin them on this public blog when in essence, im OBVIOUSLY speakin to ya, my only love.

miss you? huh? i was never with you ;)
o and yes yes i miss you very much. more like i miss ur voice man (and our non existent learning oy)

YEA! ur good! FINALLY someone's learnin how i think. but no, twas a simple inoccent hi this time. but i appreciated that.

fajita mijta-
should i tell u that i roamed ur port today or not?
and hi. long time no speak.

*ur picked. sweeping duty first thing in the morn (u know where to find the broom)