Sunday, February 11, 2007

Welcoming the Shabbos Queen

"You're so funny, y'know. I don't get you. You get all dressed up for Shabbos, you spend so much time getting ready and looking nice, everything matches and finally looks 'perfect', you look perfect, and now you go and ruin it all by putting on a sports sweatshirt! What's the point? Why did you work so hard if anyways no one is gonna see it!?"

I get dressed to honor Shabbos. Not for anyone else to see.

"Ok so why do you cover it with a sweatshirt then? You don't look 'Shabbosdik' anymore!".

Tell me something, this Shabbos, this Shabbos Queen that we welcome-she's physical? She cares what I wear? She will be insulted if I'm not bedecked in my finest?

"Well, no, she's not physical but she deserves to be honored and welcomed as if she were a queen of flesh and blood. And if you say that not, that she mustn't be honored such, well why did you spend so much time getting yourself ready? Why did you agonize so long over which color earrings and which style skirt would look best? "

Listen, the Shabbos Queen comes whether I prepare or not, whether I'm ready or not, whether I look presentable and honorable or not. Her arrival is not dependent my welcome. However, I personally want to feel ready. That's why I work so hard to look my best for when she comes. I want to be completely certain that I am welcoming Her Glory properly. I want to feel deserving of her presence.

"Ok fine, that makes sense, I can accept that. But I'm still bothered by the sweatshirt. I don't understand. Why ruin your beautiful welcoming look with something so unattractive?"

My friend, I did my part in welcoming Shabbos. I worked hard to look presentable and now I feel ready for Shabbos. You are correct that I've covered it all with a bland sweater and now I look 'not so ready'. But tell me, The Shabbos Queen cannot see what's hidden?


the sabra said...

readers-before you protest, let me tell you that you didn't understand.

...except "John Doe." he's not on the list said...

Say the comment would be one of empathy and not protest...hypothetically...would your readers still not understand? I submit that they would.
All in favor say "I'm in favor" so as not to confuse us with silly British courtroom jargon.

the sabra said...

no cuz u didn't understand.
your post is saying the opposite.
im sayin it's important to get dressed up, show you care, show you realize the holiness, and then if you need to cover it up for some reason, its ok.

hmmm maybe you aren't missing the point after all. i dunno.

i'll just wait for chaim mordche to explain himself

chana said...

if you need to cover it up?
that's lame...
wear a nice blazer, a pashmina, a wool jacket.
why a sweatshirt?
it sounds confused...

the sabra said...

on rare occasions (mistameh related to something random like middle name of host, or amount of sugar cornflakes left in the box, or the number of times the wearer has watched 'tikva'...) a nice blazer, a pashmina, or a wool jacket are not readily available.

yes yes i know it's shocking. that's why i suggest you place a rug near your computer.

boruch ber. (tx for converting me, I was feeling left out) said...

Post? What post? Who??
The point was less about the "permissibility" of the cover-up than the importance of dressing up in the first place as a show of respect for the occasion.

In related news: "Dress for success;" a random reminder that we are what we wear. Hi, I'm Marshalls.
But really a reminder that making a physical change at the onset of a special day creates a special atmosphere. Which is an important atmosphere to have since "Zachor es yom hashabbos l'kadsho" - a commandment that probably entails a certain amount of kedusha. Just guessing. Which reminds me of the discomfort I used to have with the lounging around in weekday clothes, pj's and robes well into Shabbos in dorms. But also the comfort, cuz, well, those are more comfortable.

...left out said...


the sabra said...

uh oh
u really don't know what post im talking about?
that means im mixing everyone up here
o no