Friday, February 09, 2007

check out today's thought of the day
(found on the right-foot side of my blogaroo, 'neath the meebo monster)
tis the dessert of my latest post
let's eat


the sabra said...

o for all u earlyforthenextdaypartygoers, the thought is 'Being and Not Being' and the post is on the snow.

Avi said...

Heyyyyyyyy! I was supposed to point that out! (I was actually gonna wait till tomorrow so I can ask you why whatever tomorrow's is about is a "dessert" to that post.. and then try to find the correlation. Ah, I'll think of something else.)

the sabra said...

ur mishug
either way, i won
err make that 'i win'
always and forever and ever and always (err did i see that already?)