Thursday, February 01, 2007

a walk in the drizzle

a young man is walking in the drizzle...he has a sefer under his's early evening...5, maybe 6's dark's light inside..he's thinking about the shul he just exited....visions of holy souls scattered around...enclothed in bodies....the noises...the hum of learning ....his eyebrows bunch together in concentration.....he might be mumbling about something....he is planning on coming back soon....he just needs a break now...he will go home, unwind a bit and then he shall return...his shtender awaits.....he brings the sefer closer to himself...he feels grounded, he feels like flying...he feels accomplished, he HAS accomplished...he has nourished his soul with the only thing that can keep it alive-the toras chayim...he continues walking...against the wind...his scarf is flapping this way and that way....he's warming up the world whether he's aware or not.....the cold is there but he doesn't give heart.....he is clutching the sefer a bit tighter though...he's holding onto something real

a young woman is walking in the drizzle...she has a box of printer toner under her's early evening...5, maybe 6's dark's light inside..she's thinking about the home she just exited....visions of holy children jumping around...enclothing souls ....the noises...the shouts of children living ....her eyebrows rise in mirth...she might be giggling about something....she is planning on coming back soon....she just needs a break now...she will go to school, unwind a bit and then she shall return...the children await....she brings the printer toner closer to herself...she feels grounded, she feels like flying...she feels accomplished, she HAS accomplished...she has nourished the children as only a woman can-with proper nutritious food, served with love...she continues walking...against the wind...her shawl is flapping this way and that way....she's warming up the world whether she's aware or not... ..the cold is there but she doesn't give heart.....she is clutching the printer toner a bit tighter though...she's holding onto something real

...and in the eyes of G-d, it was one and the same.


rivka said...

That was so beautiful. I love how you compared a man and womans part in life.

the sabra said...

Thanks m'lady.
Twas not done with intention.

O and I see we need another 'al tishali oti theory' post...

Dovid said...

Is this a delayed response to my post about women?

anonym00kie said...

sabra - by far your awesomest post!

dovid - what do you think of it as a response?

Avi said...

Nah, He probably likes her better.

But in seriousness (I can do it, I swear): Me likes the post.

the sabra said...

no. but i think the thought did cross my mind afterwards. this was just another journal entry :)

ha! for the first time ( i think ) i was actually hesitant to publish s/t on my blog due to a previous reaction from a reader...and not only do u not dissuade, you actually encourage. walla!

um i don't think i will EVER figure out what it is that attracts ppl to certain uh im curious to know why u guys liked this one so much...but hey, who am i to refuse a compliment? (especially one that raises the chin count...)

o and in all seriousness (notta doubt that i can do this..and i dont even needa swear): He Likes em both the same.


Avi said...

Here's to making you more legal, but not necessarily less alien:

I like that you recognize that equality does not mean identicality. And identicality does not mean anything! And anything can be equal if applied towards the identical goal. And goals can be identical even when they're different if they accomplish what He wants to be accomplished.

To quote a contemporary sage: "...Equality is unfair. The world is made up of delicate balances. Playing a different role than your fellow is working together to accomplish one goal. In Sodom they stretched and chopped people to create a uniform height. That is unfair."
(Kisvei Akavish)

the sabra said...

thank you for sharing

anonym00kie said...

very nice avi..

Avi said...

Now I feel like a fraud...
Sabra, you know what Akavish is, yes?

the sabra said...


it did actually sound like it all came from you...and then i saw ur source...was puzzled for a bit, neva heard of this sefer before but hey, sabra is quite an ignoramus so that doesn't mean much...and now that u made that comment omg i cant stop laughing..ten points for you man, yea!

just a warning-lying and deceiving can be a tricky thing..don't let urself get tangled up in it..its like i dunno, compare it to a spiders web or something...u may not realize it when ur just on the side, ya it looks pretty, but once u start up with it, its hard to get out..

note to self

Pennie said...

Hey Sabra!

that was hands down - awesome... super duper..sababa...the whole nine yards...we've been outta touch so I thought I'd check out your blog ...little did I know what I was in for - good for you holy chik!

the sabra said...

tis mighty swell to hear from ya!
(err which one is this? im assumin its the ben-yehuda skirt droppee)

thanks for sayin hello. do it more often.

Pennie said...

Wow - how'd u figure me out so fast and here I thought I'd be a secret admirer for a bit - my one and only chance to tell you what I really think unabashed ...but alas even that opportunity is lost to me oh and I love the official title although I guess it was monumentous enough, first night back in Israel and all - ya it deserves a title! :-D

chana said...

that was so absolutely beautiful

the sabra said...

thanks chana.
this ur first time here, no?
hope somethin good comes out of it.