Wednesday, February 21, 2007

stupid snow

stupid snow doesn't take away irresponsibility
stupid snow doesn't take away dusty throats
stupid snow doesn't take away tiredness

stupid snow ruins new boots
stupid snow fogs glasses
stupid snow is cold

snow is stupid

and because of all the potential that this stupid gorgeous snow has, it irritates all the more..


Scraps said...

I concur.

timothyahu hanavi said...

And again, you beat me to the disclaimer. (...potential...) :(

Pennie said...

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p.s. that really say something...the trick now is to figure out what ... b'hatzlacha my dear!

aha said...


what a brilliant message! we hereby nominate you (and channie...) for the 2007 award of best languagemakeruper!!

Esther said...

I hate snow too. Gosh as we are so many thousands of miles away from each other it is nice to know that we are bonded over our hate for snow. We should make up a number for that one dontcha think?

peri scope said...

it's a micro macro meta world!

the sabra said...

snow is magic and a blessing

stop trying. you not gonna win me.

i started

dont be sarcastic to my friends

we could make up a number but i don't hate snow