Saturday, February 17, 2007

stop makin me think of titles for everything!

Q. whadaya call a jew that wonders?
A. a ger tzedek with a pooch that sometimes bites

(am i right or no?)

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stam, sheteidu.


akavish (happy?) said...

Richard never wonders, and neither does his dog. But yes to the rest. It's really pretty simple...gosh this is confusing!

PS, I don't bite. Sometimes.

the sabra said...

k good
when it hit me in the shower (yes it hurt) i felt so dumb for takin so long to think of it

shavua tov

p.s. yes, happier.

wonderingjew said...

I do hope you weren't referring to me, because that went right over my head.
So i'm gonna reckon i ain't the only jew that wonders.

Tricky Mister said...

(As if THIS wasn't predictable...)

the sabra said...

it actually wasn't.

and wondering jew-course u not. and i was NOT referring to you, no way.

10 second giver-do NOT say a word!

the sabra said...

and come to think of it, i don't think i've ever welcomed u to my blog.

well, welcome welcome.
and WOAH! don't trip over the red carpet, i meant to add, but i see it's too late

(readers! stop laughing at the downfall of another!)

Nemo said...

I don't get it... but it always seems to go that way around here with me.

Avi said...

Apropos of Chodesh Adar: Bin'fol oyivcha al tismach. -[as quoted by] Haman (Ha'omer dovor b'shem omro...)

the sabra said...

an faq post is coming

Anonymous said...

avi- lol
watabout mishnichnas adar marbim besimacha!!!!!
smila adn teh world smiles with ya

Anonymous said...

cant bring redeption to teh wrold unfortunately cuz i dont knwo who i heard that first from.. perhaps my kinder teacher =0