Friday, February 16, 2007

Stop caring so much!

stop caring about things you cannot help!
stop getting headaches from other people's family problems!
stop investing so much in others when it will only get deflated!
stop crying yourself to sleep two nights in a row because you found out that your friend's father passed away 5 years ago!
stop getting heartaches from fights between 3 year old kids!
stop sweating from stage fright when seeing an actor get on stage!
stop having mercy on those that don't deserve it!
stop feeling bad for overworked housewives across the sea!
stop protecting others and start protecting yourself!
stop chasing after still ones!
stop nourishing at the risk of self-undernourishment!
stop feeling guilty when thinking about those less fortunate than you!
stop expanding yourself till the point of bursting!

stop loving!
stop sharing!
stop giving!



anonym00kie said...


chana said...


never stop loving, giving, or caring.

but balance is the key, m'dear,

to living.

Anonymous said...

nup.. not my attidue hunny

good shab

Avi said...

Amen! And when you succeed in stopping all that... you can begin to love and to give and to really care.

the sabra said...

what part don't you get?

chessed without gevurah is terrible, good u realize that.

good. i was takin a poll as to who is fosterin this attitude right now. i can cross u off the list.
o and thank you-good shabbos to you too.

why? why was this person not loving and giving and caring for real?

Avi said...

Define kindness. Giving. Worrying.

If I remove a rusty nail from my floor because I don't like seeing blood, the end result is that my visitors won't get hurt but I have not exhibited true caring.

It is a good thing to examine the true motives behind our interactive activities. Do I want to help this person? Does this person care that I'm trying to help? Is my worry going to change the situation?

Once I've sorted this out, I can stop caring about things I cannot help and instead care about the person (whether it's me or someone else), hope the issue resolves itself and move on. I can stop protecting others and start protecting myself and realize that I may have been protecting myself all along by protecting others, and I don't need protection. I can stop nourishing in a self-undernourishing way and develop a plan of complementary nourishment. I can stop feeling guilty and sorry and responsible when thinking of those less fortunate than me and start feeling empowered to help them. (And therefore responsible. Ooops.)

the sabra said...


but maybe the person who cares so freakin much also does something about it.

and maybe that person has got to learn to stop her heart though its doin good things for the world.

then again, what do i know? maybe she shouldn't...

Avi said...

Maybe. [lips turned down; eyes raised; palms, turned upwards, shoulder height, just so... "I dunno."]

Avi said...

Hmmm.. I had my hands too high. I meant Like this.